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    Daniel Fabbio saved Baker Mountain

    3 days ago

    Daniel Fabbio reviewed Echo Cliff via Panther Mountain Trail

    7 days ago

    Absolutely incredible hike. If you set a brisk pace you can be up to the cliffs in 25 minutes, even if you are not in the best of shape. That being said it is quite taxing at times and is without question one of the more strenuous hikes in this region of the Adirondacks. But is the view from the top is worth it and then some. Piseco lake is simply breathtaking, and the mountains in the distance are awe-inspiring. The trail is also in very nice shape. Children could also successfully do this, provided they were supervised at the cliffs. Not to be missed!

    Daniel Fabbio reviewed Gull Lake via Mill Brook Road

    8 days ago

    Just a beautiful hike! If you are able to park in the newer parking area on Mill Brook Road, the hike is only 2.6 miles total! Just drive beyond the larger Bear Creek Road Parking area if you desire. Even if you start out at the larger area, this is still a very doable hike for all ages, and the lean-to site is RIDICULOUSLY picturesque. The lean-to is not 25 feet from the shore, and if you are lucky there will be canoes and paddles at the shore for further exploring. Just an amazing hike.

    Daniel Fabbio reviewed Stewart Lake & Indian Lake

    8 days ago

    I did this beautiful a hike a few years back. Really awesome hike, and the trail was in great shape. Stewart Lake was clearly visible but not accessible when I went due to the area around the shoreline being very wet. With the appropriate gear you could probably get to the water, or perhaps if you are adventurous and find a route around the other side of the lake. Indian Lake is simply spectacular. The trail just opens up the shore of the lake, and it's nothing but peace, quiet, and a beautiful lake with a small wooded mountain in the backdrop. What more could you want out of the Adirondacks?

    Daniel Fabbio completed Jockeybush Lake Trail

    11 days ago

    Daniel Fabbio saved Mount Arab Trail

    15 days ago

    Daniel Fabbio saved Coney Mountain

    15 days ago

    Daniel Fabbio saved Stewart Mountain

    19 days ago

    Daniel Fabbio saved Kibby Pond Trail

    19 days ago

    Daniel Fabbio saved Clear Pond Trail

    19 days ago