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    Steven L Adams reviewed Chilco Mountain Trail

    2 months ago

    Steeper than I expected. One for people who like the stair machines at the gym. But not too long. Beautiful Autumn colors. Beware of the three "ankle turner" rock fields near the top. First about 150 meters in length, the other two shorter. Forget looking at the scenery when traversing these rock fields. You have to watch where you step. Trail easy to follow, even through the rocks. Yesterday was cold and drizzly, so the summit was in the clouds, therefore, no views.

    Steven L Adams completed Chilco Mountain Trail

    2 months ago

    Steven L Adams added 49116 recon

    3 months ago

    Steven L Adams updated Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes, Plummer to Harrison, out and back

    4 months ago

    Steven L Adams reviewed North Idaho Centennial Trail: Rutledge Trailhead

    4 months ago

    "Moderate"??? Worst is a 130' climb in 4/10 of a mile. Coming back is the same 130', but over 9/10 of a mile, so more gentle. Otherwise mostly flat.

    Be wary of sight-seeing tourists and locals walking their dogs/baby strollers. I've never found the trail busy, but that might be because of the hours I ride it.

    Steven L Adams completed Hiawatha Rail Trail

    4 months ago

    Steven L Adams reviewed Hiawatha Rail Trail

    4 months ago

    Awesome trail. Best ridden on a bike with suspension. First time I rode it was on my cross bike. Quite jarring. I've never taken the shuttle from the bottom back up to the top. The gradient is easy enough to ride back up. However, probably not recommended for pre-teen youngsters.

    Purchased the season pass this year. Should get in a few more rides before they close for the season in late September.

    Steven L Adams reviewed Mineral Ridge National Recreation Trail

    4 months ago

    Signs direct traffic counter-clockwise on the loop. Good idea because the last part is quite steep and would be more difficult to go up than down.

    A bit noisy at the top due to freeway traffic noise. Still a worthwhile little hike.

    Steven L Adams reviewed Salmon River Scenic Byway Trail

    4 months ago

    Definitely not safe for bicycles. But if you do ride, be sure to have a bright rear strobe to warn upcoming traffic. The description says "lightly trafficked". This would not be by characterization of the highway. Traffic might be on the lighter side, but it is fast moving. Very, very scenic with many campgrounds along the route. Be forewarned that in many places, the road is adjacent to the river, and there are no guardrails! You have to pay attention to the road and not on the natural beauty of the canyon/river.

    Well worth the drive. I will be back, this time to take more time and see all the numerous sights along the way.