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    Victor Philippi reviewed Mount Marcy via Van Hoevenberg Trail

    14 days ago

    The crowds, that’s the only real complaint I have about this one and the only reason I’d skip doing it again. Get a super early start using a headlamp and it’ll be a lot more enjoyable. Just don’t plan on having the summit to yourself for long. Granted, it was Columbus Day weekend, but I easily passed 100-150people who were heading up as I was heading down.

    As with all trails in the Adirondacks, this one has its muddy spots, but it’s not as bad as other trails I’ve been on recently. Also, if you’re looking for a challenge and some fun rock scrambles, you’re not going to find it with Marcy. Marcy is very consistent and gradual all the way up.

    I will say the view at the top is great, even on a semi-cloudy day. The clouds on the day I was up there were coming and going and made for some interesting pictures and views.

    Victor Philippi completed Marcy Dam Trail

    16 days ago

    Victor Philippi reviewed Seymour Mountain, Seward Mountain, Donaldson Mountain, Mount Emmons Loop

    17 days ago

    Although it had been raining and everything was soaked, I had a blast on this hike.

    I opted to break the 4 peaks of the Seward Range into two hikes - Seymore by itself on one day and I came back three days later and did Donaldson, Emmons, and Seward. I took the Calkins Brook Trail to Donaldson, hit Emmons, made it back to Donaldson, and decided to see how bad the trail between Donaldson and Seward really was. Countless people had told me not to bother going that way, but nobody I had talked to had actually taken the path between Donaldson and Seward. Because I'm an idiot and love doing stupid things, I figured I try to do it the "hard" way and take the path to Seward from Donaldson. After doing the trail, I'll say that it wasn't all that bad. It wasn't much harder than the trail between Donaldson and Emmons and it certainly wasn't any harder reaching Seward from Donaldson than taking the Seward Mountain Trail coming up from the Ward Brook Truck / Blueberry Trail.

    In hindsight, I'd totally take the same path again - take the Calkins Brook Trail, hit Donaldson, Emmons, make it back to Donaldson, then hit Seward and return to the trailhead via the Blueberry Trail. You feet will get soaked and the mud is terrible. Plan for it, embrace the suck, and have a good time.

    Victor Philippi added ADK

    17 days ago

    Victor Philippi completed Blueberry Trail

    23 days ago

    Victor Philippi reviewed Allen Mountain Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Peak number 4 for me. I felt it was easier than the Santanoni/Couch/Panther trio, but this mountain was still a hell of a climb. I completed the hike in 8:42, but after getting my ass beat on the other three I mentioned, I’ve been working hard to get into halfway decent shape before doing this one. All but the last mile is relatively easy. It took me about an hour to complete the last mile going up and about an hour to get down. It’s slick and you will get your feet wet. Take your time and you’ll be alright. As of middle September, bugs were pretty much nonexistent. The trail is fairly well marked and easy to follow.

    Unless you are set on completing the Adirondack 46, I’d skip this one. I will not do this hike again.

    Victor Philippi added Allen Mountain Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Victor Philippi completed Allen Mountain Trail

    about 1 month ago