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    Tyler Krzykowski reviewed Sneffels Highline Trail

    3 months ago

    Did the loop with deep creek and it came in around 15 miles. The elevation gain is no joke for the first 3-4 miles and there are some spots in the middle where you're zig zagging switchbacks very close to the edge with a narrow trail. Overall great views and well worth it.

    Tyler Krzykowski reviewed Embudito Trail to South Sandia Peak

    4 months ago

    Really enjoyable hike. Views along the ridge to the south peak were fantastic. The rocky stretch at the start is very hot with very little cover from the sun. If you're returning in the heat of the day, be prepared.

    Tyler Krzykowski reviewed Turtlehead Peak Trail

    6 months ago

    Starts out easy and gets significantly harder towards the last half. Views at the top are great and well worth the climb. There are some confusing parts near the end, but it wasn't too bad finding my way to the top. It's a different story coming down--make sure you stay on the correct path at least until you make it back to the initial side of the mountain, if you come in to that point too high you're in for a bad time and a very steep descent.

    Tyler Krzykowski reviewed East Rim Trail to Observation Point

    6 months ago

    Some strenuous climbs at the start and near the end before it levels off into a flat walk to the observation point. Amazing views all the way around. Loved it. We got into the park and were in line for the first bus at 6:45. I wouldn't recommend doing it any other way.

    Tyler Krzykowski reviewed Devils Bridge Trail

    6 months ago

    Not too difficult, some good views along the way and a cool finish at the bridge. Go early for parking and to avoid the masses of people.

    Tyler Krzykowski completed Devils Bridge Trail

    6 months ago

    Tyler Krzykowski completed La Luz Trail

    9 months ago