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    Truman J. Carroll reviewed Sewanee Perimeter Trail

    8 days ago

    Nice hike with Scout Troop 489 in February 2017. Only hiked a portion of the Western Section but our 5 miler turned into ~10 since it was such a pretty day and we didn't do a great job of orienteering (we're better at it now). Basically went from Gate 4 on Breakfield Road, around to Armfield Bluff, King's Farm, Audobon Lake, Elliott Point and back to Gate 4. Enjoyed eating lunch at King's Farm. Even ran into (or she into me since she was the one running) a friend from high school. Great hike. Here's a link to a nice resource on the area:

    Truman J. Carroll reviewed Walls of Jericho Trail

    8 days ago

    Fantastic Boy Scout backpacking excursion in June 2017. Lincoln Co. Troop 489 camped by the 1st of 2 creek bridges (logs). Many maps don't show that there are 2. Likely not an approved site near quiet cold water (if on a bit of a slope). Saw the campsite near Clark Cemetery the next day as we hiked further into the canyon. Great time! Scouts (and scouters) were exhausted with backpacks. Bring more water than you think or better yet, bring a sawyer. Plenty of cool water sources if you have a good filter.