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    Tracie Stewart reviewed Twin Lakes Trail

    22 days ago

    I would not call this an Easy trail. It is STEEP for nearly the entire 1.2 miles in. The wildflowers were spectacular though.

    Tracie Stewart completed Twin Lakes Trail

    22 days ago

    Tracie Stewart reviewed Stewart Falls Trail

    11 months ago

    I wouldn't necessarily call this hike 'easy', but perhaps that is because my early-forties body needs to get out more often. There are definitely places where it is steep and rocky, which is hard on the knees and toes. It took us about 2 hours round-trip, including about 15 minutes at the falls themselves. Our dog loved it!

    Tracie Stewart completed Stewart Falls Trail

    11 months ago

    Tracie Stewart saved Baer Creek Trail

    about 1 year ago