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    Member Since July 2019

    Tony Marcham

    Bromley, London, England 

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    Tony Marcham reviewed Peyto Lake Panorama Overlook

    15 days ago

    Not really a hike but the viewpoint for the most amazing lake

    Tony Marcham reviewed Wild Pacific Trail: Lighthouse Loop

    15 days ago

    Short but delightful hike with so many lookout points.

    Tony Marcham reviewed Maligne Canyon Loop Trail

    15 days ago

    Very good hike and although busy didn’t detract from the sheer beauty of the place.

    Tony Marcham reviewed Stewart Canyon Trail

    15 days ago

    Very nice hike and had we bear spray would have extended this to the shores of minnewanka and maybe Aylmer lookout. Next time perhaps! Enjoyed though and still tremendous views of the lake plus didn’t take too long.

    Tony Marcham completed Stewart Canyon Trail

    15 days ago

    Tony Marcham reviewed Grouse Grind Trail

    15 days ago

    We just had to do this and whilst not the best views had steps in abundance plus a really good feeling when achieved. We took the cable car down!

    Tony Marcham completed Grouse Grind Trail

    15 days ago

    Tony Marcham reviewed Johnston Canyon to Ink Pots

    15 days ago

    We did this on our recent trip to Canada. The first part very busy and we caught up with even more people when we returned. The favoured part of this hike therefore when we left behind upper falls and reached the ink pots

    Tony Marcham reviewed Parker Ridge Trail

    15 days ago

    Very enjoyable couple of hours whilst on the parkway and tremendous views of the glacier. Did this with my two sons and we spotted a rather large roving animal that we’ve deduced might of been wolverine and on rocks above the tree line. It made this hike even more interesting and distance didn’t permit any photos but the binoculars gave us a good view.

    Tony Marcham completed Parker Ridge Trail

    15 days ago

    Tony Marcham reviewed Upper Grassi Lakes Trail Loop

    16 days ago

    Delightful and not too difficult at all. The lakes are very nice indeed with beautiful colours

    Tony Marcham reviewed Sulphur Skyline Trail

    26 days ago

    Bit worried about the weather and it did change a lot on the way up. Fortunately at the top above the tree line the clouds were not so dense and the view is 360 degree and fantastic. Did suffer with mosquitoes but we had read reviews and used repellent and they still managed to get to us! Still a great hike..

    Tony Marcham completed Sulphur Skyline Trail

    26 days ago

    Tony Marcham reviewed Lake Agnes Trail to Plain of Six Glaciers Trail Loop

    28 days ago

    Superb day on both trails and linked by the high trail. Loved the fact that both had their own features which made them special with a superb view from big beehive. Enjoyed both tea house and did the whole thing in 7 hours start to finish.. 5 stars from me.

    Tony Marcham saved Tunnel Mountain Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Tony Marcham added Possible hikes

    about 1 month ago