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    Member Since September 2018

    Tom Watson

    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

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    Tom Watson reviewed Apple Pie Hill Fire Tower

    6 months ago

    One of best So. Jersey hikes .includes mysterious Mt. Korbar. and then the snow capped peak of The Apple Pie
    Hill (when there's snow). way, way
    too bad they blocked access to the fire tower (asshole kids). Start early in winter.

    Tom Watson completed Apple Pie Hill Fire Tower

    6 months ago

    Tom Watson reviewed Batsto River: Quaker Bridge to Batsto Village

    6 months ago

    Great trail for a woods adventure.
    fr/ Batsto up to the Bridge is a nice stretch, and the walk back reminds one of his or her feet. there are some really nice vistas for such a flat trail. We
    flatlanders can't get much nicer
    forestry places than this . Of course the trail (Batona) does go a lot farther.

    Tom Watson reviewed Birch Grove Park Loop Trail

    6 months ago

    Great trail, as good as a suburban park can be. Great usage of reclaimed land.
    Plaudits to Northfield City Gov. for
    allowing it all to thrive.

    Tom Watson reviewed Songbird Trail Loop

    8 months ago

    Love Songbird. it,s close to home,
    has varied terrain, well marked, and has easy access bailout points. Like any trail, adaptation is a must. l did it a weak ago, hot summer day, no bug spray, shorts ; ever hear of chiggers ?
    My Bad. I'm paying.
    Pretty crafty how they managed to get such a nice trail fashioned into an area of reclaimed land, and made it look so natural. Good work.

    Tom Watson completed Songbird Trail Loop

    8 months ago