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    Member Since August 2019

    Tom Slade

    London, London, England 

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    Tom Slade saved Stoney Squaw Loop

    8 days ago

    Tom Slade reviewed Mortitz naar to Cova de Ses Bruixes Loop

    11 days ago

    This trail was amazing! Confusing at some point to know where the trail was but this app was great for showing the way. The scenery along the way was stunning but what I love the most is that I didn’t see anyone else along the hike. The part where the trail meets the coast was probably my favourite bit. It was a steep descent down but when I was there I had a beautiful part of the shallows all to myself(that difficult in a place like Mallorca)
    As I started to loop back I could see that there was another trail that also lead to the sea(dried up river bed). It definitely worth going that way but only for a bit. Don’t try to climb over the sharpe rocks on the other side as it’s dangerous and there’s no clear path. There are a few fresh waterholes there which was so needed in that heat.

    Tom Slade saved Ruta de Bunyola

    13 days ago

    Tom Slade saved Valldemossa Loop

    13 days ago