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    Member Since July 2018

    Tom Keller Pro-red@3x

    Vancouver, Washington 

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    Tom Keller reviewed Mossy Cave Turret Arch and Little Windows Trail

    8 days ago

    This site may seem exotic to some, but not for us since we hike the Cascades. The waterfall is there only during the growing season.

    Tom Keller reviewed Navajo Loop Trail

    8 days ago

    Hiked down to take pics of the Two Bridges then went up Wall Street for the second time in two days. Worth the effort.

    Tom Keller completed Navajo Loop Trail

    8 days ago

    Tom Keller reviewed Wall Street and Queens Garden Loop Trail

    8 days ago

    Short and sweet. Crowded. Took the clockwise route so we'd go up Wall Street. Did so twice; got the best pictures as a result. Go early in the day, as others have advised.