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    Todd & Angie Haug saved Hickory Ridge Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Todd & Angie Haug saved Two Lakes Loop Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Todd & Angie Haug reviewed Ouabache State Park Trail Loop

    9 months ago

    This is a nice and easy trail. I tracked the distance on the loop, trail 5 at 6 miles. I must have walked a few of the turns a bit wide. Trail was dry, flat, and well cared for. I will never get use to roots being painted safety orange on a trail. I guess better safe than sorry.

    Seeing the buffalos were a nice added bonus.

    Todd & Angie Haug reviewed Low Gap Trail

    10 months ago

    This is a nice trail with several alternative trails to complete a long week end. We parked at the south crossing of Low Gap road to hike into camp. This made it much easier to have a supply base at the car for water. The only water I found was at the Low Gap road and two ponds on the ridge east of low gap road. They were very green. The creak beds were dry, very dry. Yes the northern part of the trail was miserable with golf ball size rock making up the gravel road. We meet up with a Gentleman by the name of Cheesy. A very interesting younger guy that said he was 83 years old. We talked for a few minutes then he said he had to go and disapeared over the horizon. I would like to say I hope I am in that kind of shape when I reach my 80s but I couldn't keep up with this gentleman if I were on a bicycle now. Best wishes Cheesy. Other than the golf ball size rock on the road the trail was great. From the southern crossing of Low Gap road going east for about a mile and a half there are many camp sites on the ridge and through the valley. This Labor day week end there was a fair amount of traffic. We saw a dozen camp sites across this area. We meet up with at least 30 to 40 hikers over the week end. The southern part of this trail is also part of Tecumseh trail. We meet up with a lot of people thru hiking the Tecumseh. When doing this trail I highly recommend doing the rock shelter section of the trail as part of this Low Gap Trail. This is the south west partition on the map (Sweedy Hollow). It adds about two miles to the trail but is by far the best part of the adventure. I took my first major fall this year at the stone cove. (My own stupid fault not watching what I was doing) No broken hip so I am good to go.

    Todd & Angie Haug completed Low Gap Trail

    10 months ago

    Todd & Angie Haug reviewed Raven Run Nature Sanctuary Trail

    10 months ago

    Great trail. Please note trails are only open 8 am until 7:30pm.

    Todd & Angie Haug reviewed White River Parks River Walk

    10 months ago

    This is a very nice black top trail. Fishing or canoeing the length of the trail. There are some very nice out cove lookouts that are framed and railed. There are several spots to stop or start on trail. This trail is in town but most of the trail you would not know it.

    If you start at the green dot there is minimal parking. If you start at Shady Side Park " black dot" there is lots of free parking and plumbed bath rooms. There is also a very nice playground for the kids and a couple of short paths around the park to walk.

    Todd & Angie Haug updated White River Walkway

    10 months ago

    Todd & Angie Haug reviewed Wabash Heritage Trail

    11 months ago

    This would be a great trail. This day it was mud and bugs. We went from the battle ground to the ferry bridge. We had to get an Uber back, it was just to buggy and way to muddy.
    This is a one way trail so its either double back or get a ride. It could be a long as you would like. There are many good cut off points.
    The trail is by the river. Great walking and a good path if its not been raining heavily.
    This is a NO BIKE PATH. At least the part we hiked. We did see one set of bike tracks.
    We will come back in the fall. This will make a great cool weather trail.