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    Member Since June 2012

    Tom Law

    Saratoga Springs, New York 

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    Tom Law reviewed Emily Proctor Trail

    3 months ago

    Excellent trail up and back to shelter. We extended a bit on VT Long Trail to summit of the mountain for great views. On the way back a moose came barreling down the path, coming close but thankfully avoiding us and veering down the hill of path. We were also greeted by a wandering boxer near the parking area and he proceeded to make the entire 8.5-mile hike with us. The only time he left was just prior to the moose, and of course he came chasing the moose down the trail. We believe he might be a dog owned by people in house near the turnoff to Rt201.
    Also, careful on road to trailhead. Lots of ruts. Low profile car would not be ideal, but doable in my Mazda3

    Tom Law completed Emily Proctor Trail

    3 months ago