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    Timothy Le reviewed Bristol Woods Hike Trail

    3 months ago

    Great scenery. Lots of wildlife. However, there are also lots of mosquitoes (during summer). Bug spray didn't quite do me justice today. Still a beautiful and short hike!

    Timothy Le completed Bristol Woods Hike Trail

    3 months ago

    Timothy Le updated Grant Woods Trail

    3 months ago

    Timothy Le reviewed Petrifying Springs Trail

    3 months ago

    A phenomenal hike. Living in between two major cities (Chicago and Milwaukee), finding beautiful nature is a rarity. Petrifying Springs is a rarity. I hiked this park for the past two days, a few hours each, and am still in awe of its beauty. While the hike itself isn't too intense, it's definitely a bit of the challenge--especially with the slushy mud and trails with plants growing on them. Fortunately, it was a challenge that I found enjoyable. I highly recommend deviating from the paved trail and diving into the trails within the actual forest. I also highly recommend bug spray... there are an excruciating amount of bugs. The cons of this park is it's location. When immersed in the forest, you don't notice you're less than a mile within a golf course. But you are. That results in occasionally hearing loud chatter, the sounds of golf carts, or a golf ball getting struck. This, however, does not ruin the hiking experience and I would highly recommend this trail for an enjoyable hike.

    Timothy Le completed Petrifying Springs Trail

    3 months ago