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    Member Since April 2015

    Tim McGillicuddy Pro-red@3x

    Spokane, Washington 

    I love hiking, backpacking, motorcycles and snowboarding.

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    Tim McGillicuddy reviewed Three Peaks Loop

    2 days ago

    We hiked this on 7/13/19 and much prefer the other side (trail 120) of the road. This side is dusty until you get up higher and set up for mountain bikes with many berms.

    Tim McGillicuddy completed Three Peaks Loop

    2 days ago

    Tim McGillicuddy reviewed Bead Lake Trail

    9 days ago

    My daughter and I did the hike on 7/7/2019. The majority is along Bead Lake with many inclines and descents. A few sections are narrow and rocky but in my opinion not treacherous. Beautiful views of the lake and many forested shaded sections. The trail leaves the lake at the end and heads up a creek.

    Tim McGillicuddy completed Bead Lake Trail

    9 days ago

    Tim McGillicuddy reviewed Glenrose Cliff Trails

    10 days ago

    The trail is very similar to Antoine Peak with the exception of the short wooded section at the beginning. No water access so bring some and minimal shade. The inclines vary for a good workout and great view of Spokane Valley and Tower Mountain.

    Tim McGillicuddy reviewed Turtle Rock and Bedrock Ridge Loop

    12 days ago

    This was a very well maintained trail and stroll in the forest with access to Newman Lake. My dogs cooled down with a dip in the lake and quick hike back to the parking lot on a road.

    Tim McGillicuddy reviewed Lone Lake Trail

    17 days ago

    We did a day hike on 6/29/19. Go up the logging road from the Lone Lake trail marking and where the hairpin is on the road, head straight onto the trail. The trail from Lone Lake to the upper lake requires some bushwhacking and long pants is recommended. The extra effort is worth it for the spectacular scenery. We have completed both Stevens and Lone Lake and we preferred this one and is more lightly trafficked in comparison. There are two camp sites at Lone Lake with fire pits.

    Tim McGillicuddy completed Lone Lake Trail

    17 days ago

    Tim McGillicuddy completed Big Rock Trail

    21 days ago

    Tim McGillicuddy reviewed Fault Lake

    26 days ago

    The trail was in good shape with no snow. I would rate as hard due to the steepness and rocky terrain. There was some snow at the lake and the main campsite was very muddy. We camped on the cliff overlooking the lake and absolutely breathtaking (see picture). It is a hike worth taking on a yearly basis.

    Tim McGillicuddy completed Fault Lake

    26 days ago

    Tim McGillicuddy reviewed Antoine Peak East Loop

    about 1 month ago

    I saw a few hikers, two horses and two bikes. The rain in the last day made the trail in great condition with no dust.

    Tim McGillicuddy added Bday

    about 1 month ago

    Tim McGillicuddy reviewed Snake River Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Unlike many other hikes I've done, no obstruction of the gorgeous view the entire hike. We camped at the Kirkwood Ranch and has a very nice museum and old farm equipment. No one was camped on Friday and on Saturday, several people arived by boat and a few hiked in. We did have a visit from a Skunk on both nights and our dog had a brief encounter. We saw one rattlesnake on the way out because the weather was sunny and warm and stayed clear of us. Overall, had an enjoyable time.

    Tim McGillicuddy completed Snake River Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Tim McGillicuddy completed Mirabeau Point Loop

    2 months ago

    Tim McGillicuddy followed James Murray

    3 months ago

    Tim McGillicuddy completed Spokane River Trails

    3 months ago

    Tim McGillicuddy reviewed Rapid River Trail

    3 months ago

    My friend and dog backpacked in and camped at the 2nd very nice site about 3.3 miles in. We then day hiked on both the Wyatt side (right) and the West Fork (left). These both had excellent camp sites on the river. On the Wyatt side, there is an grave for J. Jones from a mining accident in 1889. We were told there was a mine but did not see the mine.

    Tim McGillicuddy completed Rapid River Trail

    3 months ago

    Tim McGillicuddy reviewed Mineral Ridge National Recreation Trail

    8 months ago

    The view from the top is nice. This is very easy hike if you just hike the Mineral Ridge Trail and very popular. For a longer hike, take the Wilson Trail which turns into the Lost Man Trail. When you arrive at the switchback on the forest service road, you can go to the right which takes you back down the Ridge. There's also many other trail options on the forest service road.