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    Thomas Kearns reviewed Moores Knob Trail

    3 months ago

    Thomas Kearns completed Moores Knob Trail

    3 months ago

    Thomas Kearns reviewed American Tobacco Trail from Southern Terminus

    3 months ago

    Good trail for what it is. Pretty simple, long, flat, and well maintained. Highly traveled.

    Thomas Kearns reviewed Sugarloaf Mountain Trail

    3 months ago

    Reviewed on a nice day in January. Fun little trail; great if you only have 2-3 hours to spare. Going counter clockwise (right at the split at the beginning) makes a gradual uphill start leading a steeper run uphill as you near the top finally leading to a long, gradual downhill. Going left at the split at the beginning keeps all of your uphill trekking gradual with a steeper and rockier descent.

    View at the top is more of a rolling vista and less dramatic than some other trails, but is still nice.

    Saw three deer briefly, not much else in the way of wildlife, but I was pretty enveloped in my audiobook and maybe at other times of the year you will see more.

    Thomas Kearns reviewed Mountain, Ledge Spring, and Grindstone Trail Loop

    9 months ago

    Went today with the dog. Got there around 8am and parking was a breeze, but it started filling up by the time I was getting back around 11am (Sunday). Parked at the start/end and did Grindstone->Ledge Spring trail (right at the fork)->Jomeokee around pinnacle rock and back down the way I came.
    It was pretty active with several groups climbing near the top, so it was cool to walk by them while they were doing their thing. There's a parking lot at the top, but I didn't pass it taking this route, so I don't know about the amenities there.