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    Member Since May 2018

    Teresa Vears

    Nava, Asturias, Spain 

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    Teresa Vears reviewed Pico Ruivo

    8 days ago

    Teresa Vears completed Pico Ruivo

    8 days ago

    Teresa Vears saved Pico Ruivo

    8 days ago

    Teresa Vears reviewed Boca Encumeada Levada do Norte

    8 days ago

    I only completed part trail of 3.5km each way due to time restraint. It was a very flat except for the 20 steps to start the trail, and easy track with most of the path being concrete or the edge of the levada. There a couple spots to easily refill the water bottle. The 5 minute tunnel was a pleasant surprise but the path was quite muddy in some places.

    Teresa Vears reviewed Lavada Fajã do Rodrigues

    10 days ago

    Fantastic hike going into rain Forrest areas with an abundance of ferns and greenery. Make sure a torch is taken as the short tunnels warm you up for the finale tunnel taking approx 15 min-absolutely amazing and epic

    Teresa Vears added madeira

    4 months ago