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    Member Since May 2017

    Ted Wittman Pro-red@3x

    Portland, Oregon 

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    Ted Wittman completed Hoh River Trail

    1 day ago

    Ted Wittman added Hoh River Trail

    1 day ago

    Ted Wittman reviewed West Fork Trail #108 Oak Creek

    14 days ago

    Beautiful trail all the way to the end of the maintained section. You can skip across rocks and avoid stepping into the stream for all of the main trail. At the very end of the maintained trail is when you will begin walking through the water. The deepest it got was close to my hips but can be much deeper of you’re not careful. It was fun navigating the stream to avoid deeps sections.

    Depending on the time of day, sun can be some of a factor but most of the time you will have shade near the canyon wall. Our campsite was very tiny and only suitable for two tents. There may have been more sites further on but we were satisfied. Highly recommend this hike and backpacking excursion for anyone trying to beat the Arizona heat.