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    Taylor Larsen reviewed East Shore, Indian Cove, McGregor and Ten Hills Trail Loop

    about 14 hours ago

    Lovely views of the lake! Not a difficult hike at all. I I added on the Ten Hills Trail along the Golf Course to connect to East Shore and skipped the Cameron Loop connector to make my hike 5 miles. More paved route than I prefer but this hike was a good way to get out and avoid some of the smoke that is blanketing the Bay Area. It was pretty busy with fisherman, hikers, bikers, runners. Seems like a lot of people had the same idea of trying to stay active in the smoke.

    Taylor Larsen reviewed Wildcat Creek Trail, Havey Creek Trail, San Pablo Ridge Trail, and Belgum Trail

    1 day ago

    Great place in the middle of city! Lots of cows and people. Some inclines to start and finished through the woods. Great view of the city! There is a portion of pavement which is my least favorite but on this route, it’s minimal.

    Taylor Larsen reviewed Vernal and Nevada Falls via the Mist Trail

    7 days ago

    Awesome! Still had water at both Vernal and Nevada Falls. We took the entire route listed but didn’t take the “shortcuts” on the recorded map (short stairs to curb the corners on the switchbacks) and our route total walking from the Half Dome Campgrounds was over 10 miles! The stairs at Vernal Falls were tough but the stairs to the top of Nevada were tougher. Single ledge “more natural stairs” were definitely more unnerving than the Vernal Falls portion. Total flights of stairs recorded were 180! What a great way to spend a Sunday morning!

    Taylor Larsen followed Brittany Nix

    22 days ago

    Taylor Larsen reviewed Ridgeline Loop

    22 days ago

    Enjoyed this trail and I added in a bit of Lakeview and East Shore to make this a 6 mile hike with about 900 elevation. Some single track but mostly wide. I got turned around a bit connecting to East Ridge from Lake View and had to do some backtracking as the trails weren’t as well marked but I’d definitely do it again!

    Taylor Larsen completed Ridgeline Loop

    22 days ago

    Taylor Larsen saved Ridgeline Loop

    23 days ago

    Taylor Larsen reviewed Ridge Trail to Prospect Tunnel

    29 days ago

    Loved this trail! The tunnel is amazing! Definitely worth a stop to explore and look at the tunnel walls. We even saw tiny frog in the cave. Wouldn’t rate this hard though, probably higher end of moderate.

    We looped this hike by staying on Stewartsville Trail and added a bit more to the hike. We finished the day at 8 miles.

    Taylor Larsen reviewed Cave Rocks Loop

    2 months ago

    What a view! This hike gives you a little bit of all the trail types, wide, single track, over grown brush and a nice mix of shade and no shade. The cows were overprotective of their young today and at one point, we had to find an alternate route around the cows. One even chased us for a few second as it had been spooked by someone’s else dog that was not on a leash.

    Eagle View was definitely overgrown and scratchy with a steep cliff off the side. Would not want to do this trial if wet.

    Only confusing part was at the intersection of Canyon View and McCorkle, go to the left of the tree to head back to the park headquarters. The path looks like it disappears due to the cow prints but it picks up right after.

    We saw a group of Elk when we were leaving the park!

    Will do this again!

    Taylor Larsen saved Tolman Peak Trail

    2 months ago

    Taylor Larsen reviewed Rocky Ridge View, Sycamore, and Devil's Hole Loop Trail

    2 months ago

    Fantastic hike that will kick your butt!

    Taylor Larsen reviewed Nortonville and Black Diamond Loop

    2 months ago

    What can I say about this hike? Amazing views, history and elevation galore! Will do it again!

    Taylor Larsen followed nick collins

    2 months ago

    Taylor Larsen reviewed Stream Trail to Redwood Peak and West Ridge Trail

    3 months ago

    Such a great hike! It even rained at the top of Redwood Trail! That was amazing! Definitely a moderate hike. Lots of steep inclines and declines but the views, smell of the forest and the sound of the woods made it at worth it.