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    Tariq M Nasim

    Tempe, Arizona 

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    Tariq M Nasim reviewed Angels Landing Trail

    8 days ago

    Me along with 4 of my friends did it yesterday (Oct 6, 2019).
    Important things to know:
    1) If you have fear of height and lack of good balance of feet, don't go beyond the Scout Lookout.
    2) Must have good hiking shoe (good grip)
    3) Gloves will be very helpful for the last half mile.
    4) Take enough water.
    5) Start early to avoid heat and crowd.

    We stayed the night before in a hotel in Hurricane city and started for the park at 5:30 am. When we reached the visitor's center shuttle bus stop at 6:15 am, there were already many visitors (mostly hikers) waiting for the bus. It was very dark in the parking lot and the night sky was very beautiful with many stars.

    We boarded the first shuttle bus at 7am. Not everyone in the line were able to get in that bus. We reached the Grotto bus stop at around 7:30. We used the restroom there and started our hike for Angels Landing.

    The first part was almost flat until we reached the first switchbacks. It was quite steep. After this there were a narrow canyon path which is not very steep. Then there were another set of switchbacks which are steeper than the previous ones. The whole trail until the end of these switchbacks are paved. After these, we reached the Scout Lookout from where the scary part begins. People with acrophobia/ fear of height, balance problem should not go beyond this point.
    The last half mile was steep and strenuous. At some points the trail is very thin with dropoffs on both sides. There were chains at most of this part.
    The view from the peak was stunning. It's absolutely worth the difficult hike. I will do it again if I find time.