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    4 months ago

    Gorgeous trail summer and winter. well traveled so snowshoes are not really necessary till the last mile or so. the winds are strong by the lake so they cover the tracks of others quickly. Veer NorthEast(right) as you climb and you'll get to the clearing. After that's it's just a few hundred feet to the lake.

    4 months ago

    Climbed this in just winter boots and had a blast. Once you get above tree line the path is impossible to find. Rather than freezing your hands fumbling with the GPS, head straight up and you will get to the gorgeous alpine clearing where you can see mountains from all sides. Then it's a leisurely mile to the lake

    Gorgeous hike but this seems to be a popular tourist destination so if you're looking to blaze through a challenging hike while catching some scenery on the way this is not the one. Way too many people in big groups to pass on narrow forest trail leading to the alpine.

    10 months ago

    A challenging remote trail but the traffic noise really kills the vibe. Completely doable in just trail running shoes, even with all the gravel.

    Great hike. Easy to follow trail up until it starts becoming steep going to the first lake. I did the climb following animal tracks. Really cold and windy but it's so beautiful and quiet at the top.

    Saturday, December 09, 2017

    Just a forest walk. The trail just keeps going up. No variety and easy to get lost at switchbacks as the trail is not well marked at all.

    Monday, August 14, 2017

    Pretty easy trail, even a few steep sections before coming to the lake were a breeze. Pretty monotonous trail going through the forest with suprisingly little shade. Gorgeous shades of green everywhere though and the meadows were full of beautiful wildflowers.

    Thursday, July 06, 2017

    The parking lot by the trail head is closed for trail renovation so be prepared to hike extra 4 miles. The last 1.5 miles getting to the lake is snowy and the lake is almost entirely covered by snow.

    Saturday, July 01, 2017

    Moderate trail, which only gets slightly difficult going to Black Lake, but mostly due to the snow. Many tourists on the trail all the way up to Mill's lake, which was the most beautiful part. Completed in less than 4 hours. Not worth dealing with parking situation and the crowds for serious hikers.