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    Tanya Young

    Sisters, Oregon 

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    Tanya Young completed Duffy Lake Trail

    5 days ago

    Tanya Young reviewed Duffy Lake Trail

    5 days ago

    I really enjoyed this hike on August 20th. No mosquitoes and really quiet. There was no creek left to cross. Just rocks. Duffy Lake is lovely, and the journey through lush green forest is cool and serene even on a hot day. Timing is everything. I look forward to further exploring this area.

    Tanya Young reviewed Three Fingered Jack via Pacific Crest Trail

    8 days ago

    The first 3.5 miles or so are through the burn area. It is still lovely with new growth, wildflowers, and views. Consider starting early or hike on a cool day. The best part of the journey imo is before the 4 mile mark when you come to the thick, green and shady part of the forest. It is lush for the area and elevation. Continue on the PCT until Jack comes into view. Both the scree section of the PCT to the viewpoint and the climber’s trail give you great views of the mountain and surrounding peaks. I took the climber’s trail for a bit. I only completed about half of it and had a round trip hike of 12 mi. The mileage listed on AllTrails is incorrect to the summit. Find the climber’s trail using the interactive map. It is before you hit the scree on the PCT. Notice a small clearing to the right with a cluster of tree trunks practically conjoined. You will see a trail heading off near those trees to the left. You can hike up part of the climber’s trail without going to the sketchy parts. My understanding is that the top is exposed and requires skill and equipment. Parking lot was packed but trail usage was moderate.

    Tanya Young reviewed Broken Top Trail to No Name Lake and Bend Glacier

    9 days ago

    August 16: This is one of my favorite destinations in the state. No Name Lake in Broken Top’s crater is stunning. It makes getting there worth it however you choose to go. If you are a hiker, I recommend taking the Todd Lake Trail. It is approximately 14.5 mi round trip, and this includes trails to the viewpoints at No Name Lake as well. Please don’t miss the additional 0.5 mi climb for amazing views of the Sisters and other peaks. I did this as a day hike. It took 6 hours, but I was at the lake for at least an hour just taking in the views. Todd Lake and Soda Creek are lovely trails that meander through forest and meadows. Wildflowers are still blooming, and those that have passed are starting to turn brilliant shades of red and orange. Streams are sparkling in the sun and easy to cross at this time. Broken Top Trail is sun exposed, and it is best traveled in cooler times of the day if possible. There are still some snowfields, but they are easy to cross. I got there early for easy parking and no crowds.

    Tanya Young reviewed Tam McArthur Rim to Broken Top Loop

    11 days ago

    Aug 14: Just sharing some info on this as a shorter out and back. One reviewer described it well as a 10 mi round trip to reach Broken Hand from Tam Rim. The trail up until this point is mostly straightforward. I took a left and followed the rock ledge on Broken Hand. There is a scant trail. I matched it to the interactive map, and it was close. I traversed the side and then cut around a corner (through a tree) and was greeted with stunning views of Broken Top and its hidden lake. It still looked pretty far out, and I could not discern a clear path off Broken Hand. That being said, I am sure you could scramble down and pick up a trail to the lake. I was pleased with the viewpoint and decided not to scramble further. I finished at 10.3 mi rt. Tam Rim is a great hike, but I recommend going beyond the rim even for just a mile or two. Great views of Broken Top and the Sisters. You can see all the way to Hood in one direction and Diamond Peak in another on a clear day. Views are calendar shots.

    Tanya Young reviewed Canyon Creek Meadows Loop

    13 days ago

    This is one of the area’s most beautiful hikes, and everyone seems to know about it! Consider getting there early. I arrived at 9:30 am on a Monday in mid-August to find the parking area was packed. Follow the signs for Jack Lake and stay on 1230. I had no issues with foliage scratching my car. Be advised though that it is a rocky, windy road to the trailhead. Most cars can make it, but the last 5 plus miles require some caution with potholes and sharp rocks. The hike itself is awesome. Use the interactive map to Cirque Lake which is accessible on the “not maintained” part of the trail. This is a steeper, rocky climb with the option to continue to the saddle. I saw just one goat. The flowers are past peak but still very pretty, and the streams are flowing. Five star destination and hike. I gave it four due to the road and crowded parking area. No issues with mosquitoes today!

    Tanya Young reviewed Sentinel Dome Trail

    17 days ago

    The views are fantastic, and you can avoid the stopped traffic at Glacier Point. Looks deceptively steep as you approach the dome, but it is a relatively easy trip to the top. This area is worth visiting from the valley. Don’t miss it!

    Tanya Young completed Sentinel Dome Trail

    17 days ago

    Tanya Young reviewed Mirror Lake via Valley Loop Trail

    17 days ago

    I took this trail from the Ahwahnee at 6am. There were no people all the way to the lake, but there were tiny swarming flies that were annoying. If you can get past these harmless pests, the trail is interesting with large rocks, caves, and wildlife. It was 4 mi rt from the hotel. Mirror Lake has receded in August, but the views are still awesome of Half Dome and other surrounding peaks as well as the remaining pools of water. I saw some geese flying over the lake but no bears.

    Tanya Young reviewed Mariposa Grove of Giant Sequoias Trail

    18 days ago

    We hit this trail at 6 am to try to get a coveted parking spot at the trailhead. We could have waited another hour to 90 minutes as there was no one there! There are at least 8 parking spots that are not handicapped for the taking before the shuttle service closes the road at 8. You can always drive out of the gated road from the trailhead even with the buses running. The giant sequoias are worth seeing. Use the All Trails map for navigation and do the loop. I don’t recommend Wawona Point unless you have nothing better to do. There are far better views in Yosemite.

    Tanya Young reviewed Vernal and Nevada Falls via the Mist Trail

    19 days ago

    We hiked this trail later than planned and encountered it all...heat, crowds, probs parking, and traffic. It was STILL worth it! There is enough room on most parts of the trail to pass politely when needed. As past reviews suggest, the trail thins as you approach Nevada Falls. Making the loop with the John Muir trail is wise. It keeps you from having to climb down the crowded stairs. The waterfalls are epic and still flowing strongly in August. This is an iconic trail. We could not drive directly to the TH. There is a shuttle, but we hiked the mile or so in.

    Tanya Young reviewed Sand Mountain Lookout

    21 days ago

    Tried to do this trail in July. Although it includes the Santiam Wagon Road, it is an OHV area. I tried to park and hike in, but the dust and danger factor from the dirt bikes had me quickly heading back to my car. I will try during another season.

    Tanya Young completed Sand Mountain Lookout

    21 days ago

    Tanya Young reviewed Fall River Trail

    21 days ago

    This trail is quiet with super green foliage and a gently flowing, clear river. This path travels through a small campground, but you can avoid it by taking one of the off shoot trails closer to the river. Bridge offers an extended hike on other bank. I am not sure if this trail makes a complete loop though. Guard station is charming from the outside. No mosquitoes on Aug 2.

    Tanya Young completed Fall River Trail

    21 days ago

    Tanya Young reviewed Jordan Pond Full Loop Trail

    28 days ago

    Detour through some muddy woods. The planks in the area are rickety and not nailed down in some spots. Watch your footing and leave time as it is slower going in this area. The views of the Bubbles are great, and there was a loon nesting area with a lovely loon by the bridge.

    Tanya Young reviewed Bubbles Trail to Conners Nubble and Eagle Lake

    28 days ago

    July 26: North Bubble summit was neat with nice views of Jordan Pond. I would personally skip the South Bubble and Bubble Rock although it is quick to loop around to see these. The journey to Conners was pretty with views of Eagle Lake, and it was an easy scramble up Conners. This is an iconic hike and short enough for all to just visit the Bubbles. I turned around after Conners but the trail seemed to continue. I did not realize the Bubbles Divide extension led to the shores of Jordan Pond. Go early as it gets packed.

    Tanya Young reviewed Champlain Mountain & Beehive Loop Trail

    28 days ago

    July 25: Ascended Beehive, dropped down onto Bowl trail and took the trail up the south ridge of Champlain. I started at 5:30 am and summited Beehive by 6 am. I had the whole trail to myself. Views were outstanding, and I loved the challenge of the climb. It was totally doable if you don’t mind heights. The journey to Champlain summit was beautiful with some fun scrambling. It was worth the extra distance. This led to other hikes like Precipice which was closed and the north ridge of Champlain. I didn’t hear voices for two hours until I neared the Bowl on my descent. On the way to car, I saw groups heading toward Beehive with small children. One group was playing loud music. Hike early. You might be able to hear the birds.

    Tanya Young reviewed Gordon Lakes Trail

    about 1 month ago

    July 20: Just sharing my experience in this area—please note that this trail has a west and east TH as well as access through the Gordon Meadows TH.

    I took FSR 2032 for 5 miles to reach the Gordon Lakes TH west aka Falls Creek TH. At mp 5 you will see a hiker symbol on the right. Take a left into a large parking area on road 325. Look for an uphill trail towards the end of the road to the left. This trail is not marked but looks like a defined trail.

    Follow this overgrown trail crossing two roads. Nothing is marked, and you won’t see a sign until about 3.3 miles. The signage confirms you are on the Gordon Lakes Trail and after a bit gives you the option to take the Gordon Meadows Admin Trail. This is a good climb through the forest but does not provide direct access to the meadows.

    Continue on the main lakes trail which travels alongside the meadows. It eventually climbs away into the forest on its way to the lakes closer to the east. I did not go to the lakes today.

    If there is a trail traveling through the heart of the meadows, I did not find one. After climbing the admin and continuing on the lakes trail along the meadow area, I turned around for a 10 mile rt day.

    This was my second attempt to access this area. Gordon Meadows TH is on rough spur road 345. I turned around 1.5 mi from that trailhead due to the conditions of the road and being unsure about the gps directions. In my opinion, it is easier to hike in at the 5 mi mark. If using the interactive map, you will be off trail as that map is the route from the east.

    Beautiful area, quiet and remote.

    Tanya Young completed Gordon Lakes Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Tanya Young reviewed Echo Mountain Trail

    about 1 month ago

    July 17: This hike is also referred to as Echo Basin. The road to the TH leads to a small parking area and then into the brush. It is a decent dirt road with only one tricky spot. Park here before the road narrows and gets grassy. The trail is not marked except for a small dedication. There is a large sign post though. The first part of the trail is steep and rocky. It eventually levels off to a marshy loop. Although the trail needs love-uneven boardwalks, holes, overgrowth, etc., it is a gorgeous area. Wildflowers galore in July. It is beautiful because it is wild. If you are sure footed and a slip wouldn’t be disastrous, it is worth doing. Wear good boots and pants. The devils club is pointy and making its way onto the trail in some places. For as wet as it is, bugs surprisingly weren’t an issue. I didn’t see a single other person. A little spot of paradise.

    Tanya Young completed Echo Mountain Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Tanya Young reviewed Upper Chush Falls via Whychus Creek Falls Trail

    about 1 month ago

    I only hiked to the first waterfall for a rt of 5 mi. The waterfall itself is 5 stars. If you are sure footed, you can take a steep path off the official trail to see it unobstructed. The hike itself is through a burn area so it is best to do it early on a summer day or during another season. The drive in from the road to Three Creeks is tiresome. It includes washboard gravel for miles and a sharp rocky road for the last mile. GPS took me to the wrong dirt road. Follow the signs. The turn to the TH is to the left before the bridge. In my opinion, there are more beautiful hikes in the area, but the waterfall(s) in 5-6 mi respectively make the trip worthwhile.

    Tanya Young reviewed Bachelor Mountain via Bugaboo Ridge

    about 1 month ago

    July 13: Picked this trail up from Bachelor TH, but I have also caught it from the Bugaboo TH. It is bursting with wildflowers. Clear trail, muddy in only a couple of spots, gorgeous vistas...took Bugaboo to Bruno Meadows. Bruno Meadows has peek-a-boo views of Jefferson and a cool rocky viewpoint showcasing it fully, but the trail is overgrown with deadfall. It needs love, but Bugaboo is in awesome shape. It is so quiet with few hikers.

    Tanya Young reviewed Coffin Mountain Trail

    about 1 month ago

    July 13: Beargrass display is absolutely STUNNING. The problem is that everyone knows about it. Consider hitting the trail on a weekday or early morning. All Trails and Apple Maps routes you a somewhat challenging way. You can also pick up 1168 after following Straight Creek road for 4.1 miles forking uphill to the right. Other options in this area include Bachelor Mountain to summit or Bugaboo Ridge which is bursting with a rainbow of wildflowers but not the crowds.

    Tanya Young completed Coffin Mountain Trail

    about 1 month ago