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    GlutenFreeHiker Tamera reviewed Hole-in-the-Wall Trail

    4 months ago

    Loved this beach hike. Truthfully I enjoyed the shark fin shaped rocks more than the hole in the wall. Beautiful and worth slip sliding in the beach rocks. If you go at high tide you will need to find a way around the water that runs into the ocean. There are a lot of fallin trees that you can use to get across.

    GlutenFreeHiker Tamera reviewed Cape Flattery Trail

    4 months ago

    Absolutely stunning. Easy trail, with a charming wood plank trail to look outs around the cape. The most beautiful place to watch the sunset.

    GlutenFreeHiker Tamera reviewed Franklin Falls Trail 1036

    4 months ago

    Hiked from Exit 47 at road closure. 7 miles RT. Approximately 5 miles of it is walking on the closed road that runs beside I90. Road was compact snow with some deep snow areas but there was an area worn down in the deeper snow areas. I wore microspikes and would recommend them. It was a beautiful day and I was pleasantly surprised to have the falls to myself. The falls are not completely frozen but the surrounded by beautiful ice.

    GlutenFreeHiker Tamera reviewed Middle Fork Snoqualmie River Trail

    5 months ago

    Easy access road, great parking lot. Trail was muddy but we'll maintained. Rainy day hike. Beautiful area and mountain views.

    GlutenFreeHiker Tamera reviewed Sugarloaf Mountain and Mount Eerie Loop Trail

    5 months ago

    Really liked sugar loaf, Mt Erie was to crowded. The trail system is super confusing. Get a map or take a very good picture of the trailhead billboard map. We took a wrong turn and ended up walking on the road for a bit to get up to Erie.

    GlutenFreeHiker Tamera reviewed Barclay Lake Trail

    6 months ago

    Easy stroll with beautiful mountain views. The road up was fine today. There was about a 1/2 mile of snow/ice on the road. The trail is a mix of dry dirt, snow and ice. Micro Spikes were helpful but not an absolute necessity if you don't have them. Small lake, MT Baring is the center piece.

    GlutenFreeHiker Tamera reviewed Blodgett Canyon

    6 months ago

    Road to trail was good, trail was melting snow/ice.

    GlutenFreeHiker Tamera reviewed Bridal Veil Falls Trail

    6 months ago

    Trail up to the falls is in great condition. Stream crossing are shallow compared to a few weeks ago. Some icey rocks but not enough for spikes.

    GlutenFreeHiker Tamera reviewed Bear Creek Trail

    7 months ago

    Beautiful trail, RD to trail head was in great shape. The trail is icey, I suggest micro spikes. If your GPS tries to take you to Jackson LN it's incorrect.

    GlutenFreeHiker Tamera reviewed Bear Creek Overlook Trail

    7 months ago

    Roads solid ice, narrow, with cliffs had to bale on it today. Will return in the spring.

    GlutenFreeHiker Tamera reviewed Cherry Creek Falls Trail

    7 months ago

    Easy quick hike to some very pretty falls. Trail was in great shape, stay right at intersections and you'll find it easily. After last right you will see the yellow car in about 10 minutes which will let you know your on the right track. Also there are 2 wood signs up on a tree to help you navigate.

    GlutenFreeHiker Tamera reviewed Lake Serene Trail

    7 months ago

    Trail was surprisingly empty. Lower trail is in good condition, not very muddy, lots of fallen leaves. There are several stream crossings. As you go up its a quick transition to snow, not icey. We used micro spikes which made the snow easy to maneuver through.

    GlutenFreeHiker Tamera reviewed Mount Pilchuck Trail

    8 months ago

    Beautiful but very crowded. Trail is a mix of mud, water, snow and ice. I would suggest micro spikes.

    GlutenFreeHiker Tamera reviewed Franklin Falls Trail

    9 months ago

    Quike, easy stroll through the woods. Very pretty scenery the whole way. Paved road and parking lot.

    GlutenFreeHiker Tamera reviewed Blue Lake Trail

    9 months ago

    Beautiful lake, fall colors, trail was in great shape. Snowed very lightly up at the lake. I'd rate it easy.

    GlutenFreeHiker Tamera reviewed Ape Cave Trail

    9 months ago

    Very cool. Highly recommend a head lamp, gloves and good sturdy shoes. The 8ft wall has one foot hold, it's a bit tough but if you can't get up it your hiking partner might be able to give you a boost. I would rate it on the difficult side of easy not moderate.

    GlutenFreeHiker Tamera reviewed Lava Canyon Trail

    9 months ago

    Very beautiful. Trail is steep and slick in spots. The bridges are really cool. The falls are so beautiful.

    GlutenFreeHiker Tamera completed Ape Cave Trail

    9 months ago

    GlutenFreeHiker Tamera reviewed Maple Pass Trail

    9 months ago

    Beautiful hike. The more challenging end of "moderate" Hiked it counter clock wise. The descent is hard on the knees. Fall colors are starting to show.

    GlutenFreeHiker Tamera reviewed Saint Mary Peak Trail

    10 months ago

    Hard but worth it. Trail in beautiful condition. would not take a car to trail head lots of rocks. 3.8 miles each way, all up. Easily most beautiful payoff of the summer.