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    Member Since June 2019

    Sydney Sandberg

    Prescott Valley, Arizona 

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    Sydney Sandberg reviewed Glassford Summit Trail

    6 days ago

    I’ve been running this trail once a week and it’s one to help keep you in shape and test your endurance! Solid incline once you hit the switchbacks and the last .5 miles seems to be the toughest. Ran it up and down in 55 mins this last time but it’s a good one to take an evening walk up as well.

    Sydney Sandberg reviewed Granite Mountain Trail

    6 days ago

    Hiked this with our dog and it’s such an incredible hike! I can’t wait to go back and do it again. It took us 2 hours to hike out and back-packed light wind breakers because the top was a bit windy and water with some snacks. Moderate trail the whole way and incredible views!

    Sydney Sandberg reviewed Wilson Mountain Trail

    7 days ago

    Such an incredible hike!! We hiked to the top then did both viewpoints and I highly recommend both! Make sure to bring plenty of water especially as it gets hotter because there’s very little shade on the trail. There are spurts of solid incline but for the most part they’re mellow. We didn’t see many people along the trail-we got there at 7am and we were the second car in the parking lot. By the time we started at about 7:30 the lot was full...most people opted into doing the Canyon Trail not the mountain trail which was nice for us.

    Sydney Sandberg reviewed Devils Bridge Trail

    7 days ago

    This trail was easy to follow, incredibly busy, but great views! It was pretty quick too and I’m glad I can check it off my list. Get there early to beat the crowds!