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    Susie Curtis Pro-red@3x

    Tracy, California 

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    Susie Curtis reviewed Lake Aloha Trail

    13 days ago

    Great hike! Parking fills by midday. The walk down to the trail is easy to find. The trail, for the most part, is easy to follow. There is a section with a random sign (not many on the trail ) with an arrow to the right. Make sure you stay to the right for several turns, not just the one by the marker. We went on quite a walkabout near the water that was not the trail when we misread this.
    This is a heavily traveled trail in the beginning. There are quite a few dogs and not all are on leash. We were hyper vigilant in the beginning but several miles in and on our way back we let our guard down and 2 unsupervised off-leash dogs came up on us. They got between my husband and myself and I had to drop one of my leashes so our dog could protect himself. All three dogs took off running. It was beyond stressful. It had been a beautiful day and an amazing hike. This caused so much stress and anxiety. Honestly, I was most worried when the dogs were chasing each other that they would hit a hiker and hurt them. The trail is narrow and the sheer is steep at times. It wouldn’t be difficult to knock someone over and they fall off the trail and down to the water.
    Met many wonderful people along the way including one who sent our pup back.
    Bring plenty of water, sunscreen, and bug spray. In the shady places and when sunsets the mosquitoes are relentless. Stopping for lunch along any of the 5 lakes is a treat.
    I highly recommend this hike.

    Susie Curtis completed Lake Aloha Trail

    13 days ago

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    15 days ago

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    8 months ago

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