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    Susan Ortbals reviewed Havasu Falls and Mooney Falls Trail

    about 1 year ago

    Stunning and magnificent hike! Unfortunately, in a place with so much beauty is so much cruelty. PLEASE pack in and out your own gear and do not use the horses/mules or support tour companies that do. The hike is not that hard and if you need to, use the helicopter option. My husband and I witnesses first hand very few hikers carrying their own gear, even young 20 somethings. The horses are forced to RUN on steep, rocky and dangerous terrain overloaded with coolers, backpacks and supplies. The straps rub their skin raw. Many are tied together and forced to keep up. We witnessed a 350 pound wrangler being extremely gruff with a horse only to mount the poor animal and force him to run. Support the tribe with your money and be respectful of their gorgeous land. But help stop the demand for these animals to haul your gear. Help spread awareness of the plight of these precious animals. Many are tied up with short ropes in the sun with no access to food or water. There is no grass for grazing. The wranglers look can imagine the pressure on them to get those horses up and down as fast as possible. Get in shape, take it slow, and be proud that whatever you need is on your own back.

    Susan Ortbals completed Outer Mountain Loop

    about 3 years ago