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    Stupendous Stupendous Man reviewed Wedge Island Lookout and Beachcombers Cove Trail

    10 months ago

    This walk has been divided into four separate walks or had been from the start. Personally I prefer longer walks so I'll pass this.

    Stupendous Stupendous Man reviewed Larapinta Trail

    10 months ago

    Tried section 4 from Standley Chasm but quit after about 2 km. The path runs along the water way which had too many puddles blocking the path. Best to try it during dry season. The part I tried was quite beautiful. The path is not very clearly defined and there aren't many signs. Also, spiders. Big ones with white bottoms. No idea if dangerous but I'd rather face a bear than a spider.

    Stupendous Stupendous Man reviewed Barrk Sandstone Walk

    10 months ago

    $40 park entry fee? You can keep the park and the trail.

    Stupendous Stupendous Man reviewed Bald Head Hike

    11 months ago

    A great walk with amazing views. I would rate the difficulty as moderate with some short tough sections. According to the map onsite it is in fact 16 km round trip. They recommend 6-8 hours but it can be done in a leisurely 4-5 hours.

    Stupendous Stupendous Man reviewed Mount Feathertop via The Razorback

    11 months ago

    The summit climb is tough.