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    16 days ago

    Totally worth the 2 hour drive! Devils bridge is a great sight to see!! So grateful for today and so happy I decided to take an impulse road trip to hike somewhere new.

    This hike was enjoyable. Long, challenging, and good views from the top.

    Piestewa however is not a place I see myself returning to very often. There are so many people that hike it and a lot of those people lack etiquette.

    With that being said, it is very well maintained.

    I enjoyed Camelback. It was challenging, and had good views. I liked climbing up the rocks!

    To be completely honest, I don’t think it is super special that I’d want to drive out there often and around so many people of different skill levels. It is a good hike, but to me, it’s a little overrated.

    2 months ago

    I absolutely recommend this trail!! I went today for my first time. It was challenging, I definitely broke a sweat! Not too crowded. Incredible views. The trail was sometimes tough to follow heading up, but I am sure next time won’t be as hard since I know which way to go now.

    I will most definitely be back. The top of this mountain was so serene, and again, the views were beautiful. The challenge was so worth it.

    2 months ago

    LOVED IT!! So many beautiful sights, it changes up a lot, moderately challenging. My only complain is that the end of the Holbert Trail is nothing really worth working for, but the first 85 percent of the trail is great.

    Not too busy, the hikers are all polite. I really appreciate this trail being here. I will be back

    I love this mountain. It’s a shorter but challenging little hike, beautiful views at the top, not overly crowded. Plenty of places to stop on the way up and get some views of the area.