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    Stephen Ryan reviewed Squak Mountain May Valley Loop Trail

    over 1 year ago

    The different parts of the trails vary in quality significantly. The first third from the trail head is the most groomed and the most beautiful with lots of cedar in all of its natural glory. In other parts the trails narrow to less than a foot wide with overgrowth on either side; including lots of stinging nettles! In these places the trails are ungroomed, uneven with lots of small rocks. It is also very steep in places; mostly on these lesser groomed trails. Wearing hiking boots would be much more comfortable than walking shoes through these area.
    The trail signs are confusing in places, not pointing in the direction they are referring to. I can't confirm this, but it seems like the distances on the signs are inaccurate as well.
    The summit is not exactly a prize; a series of transmission antennas and equipment surrounded by a chain link fence. There is a narrow view of Seattle through the trees from this vantage point. The beauty of this trail is in the journey itself; especially the first third.
    If you go beyond that, consider wearing pants or long socks to avoid the stinging nettles.