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    Member Since August 2019

    Stephen Lee

    Kilauea, Kauai, Hawaii 

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    Stephen Lee reviewed Tiger Leaping Gorge Trail

    25 days ago

    Best hike I've ever done, though I need to do more! Was not crowded in February and the conditions were pretty nice. Read the wiki travel page for instructions.

    Stephen Lee reviewed Na Pali Coast (Kalalau) Trail

    25 days ago

    could not get a permit but nobody asked to see one so I went 6 miles or so and returned back for the 1pm bus. The views were not quite as good as I was expecting, I believe they get better past where I got to though. The trail was very muddy in the morning and seemed to have dried up in the day. Around 3 or 4 miles I mistook the trail for going up a rocky stream, don't do the same. Around 2 miles everyone needed to take off shoes and socks to cross a stream. On my way back, I saw a couple struggling with heavy camping gear a mile in, at noon! Can't imagine they finished by night fall. Pack sensibly!

    Stephen Lee saved Half Dome Trail

    25 days ago