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    Member Since July 2019

    Stephen Kehner

    Salt Lake City, Utah 

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    Stephen Kehner reviewed Ramona Falls Trail

    4 days ago

    Beautiful hike through the Mt Hood forest - the epitome of a PNW hike. Loved scrambling over a tree trunk to cross the river towards the beginning. Went on a very cloudy/rainy day, and unfortunately low-hanging clouds blocked views of Mt Hood. Had to wait out a few rain showers underneath trees. The payoff at the falls was fantastic, was glad we pushed through the weather to get there. Would recommend bringing a rain jacket and maybe some warm layers to throw on as you gain elevation - it was VERY cold at the falls even though it was June!

    Stephen Kehner completed Ramona Falls Trail

    4 days ago

    Stephen Kehner reviewed The Living Room Lookout Trail

    4 days ago

    The Living Room is a nice short hike, really close to downtown SLC. You can park for free on the streets near Red Butte Gardens, at the edge of the U of U campus. The trail isn’t super well-marked at first so make sure you keep an eye on the map as you go out. In the spring it can be really muddy and slushy from snowmelt - in the summer and fall it’s dusty and dry. Nice views of downtown from the top. Takes about 1.5 hours round trip, and is definitely on the easy/moderate side.

    Stephen Kehner followed Kristen Kehner

    6 days ago

    Stephen Kehner reviewed The Subway Trail

    6 days ago

    The Subway is a grueling but incredibly rewarding challenge, meant only for able-bodied hikers. When the route is open, you must enter the lottery to obtain a permit from the Wilderness Desk at the Visitors Center (check online a few days before you want to go). Park at Left Fork Trailhead in Kolob Canyon at YOUR OWN RISK! My car was broken into while I was gone, and my wallet was stolen from the glove compartment. Zion Park Rangers informed me this has happened other times at this same parking lot.

    The canyon entrance is very steep - wear shoes with good tread. I also recommend bringing a pair of lightweight hiking poles. Once in the creekbed, take note of the placement of the Left Fork trailhead sign - it’s very easy to miss this on your way back out. It will be on your downcanyon right side as you exit.

    From here, the trail goes up the canyon and is not marked in any way whatsoever. There are some sandy spots, some rocky spots, some muddy spots, and frequent river crossings. I changed from hiking boots into old sneakers for this part, and kept my boots dry in my pack. Be careful on the rocks, it’s very easy to slip and fall, and park rangers often have to rescue people with broken ankles from this hike. Go slowly and watch what you’re doing!

    Although the trail is nonexistent at times, as long as you follow the creek up canyon you won’t get lost. Just stay close to the water. It took us about 5.5 hours to reach The Subway, although we were stopping to take photos and have snack breaks fairly often. There’s no rush, this hike is going to take all day. The views at the Subway were amazing, we sat and had lunch there and watched a group of canyoneers repel down into the natural pools.

    On the return, I changed back into my hiking boots (with dry socks) for the canyon exit. It doesn’t take too long, but it’s super steep and there are lots of challenging rock scrambles. And at the end of a long/hot hike, it’s pretty exhausting. Was really glad to have dry boots on for that last part.

    **Keep your eyes open for a big white rock on your upcanyon left as you trek out to the Subway — there are real dinosaur tracks imprinted into the stone!

    Stephen Kehner completed The Subway Trail

    6 days ago

    Stephen Kehner reviewed The Zion Narrows Riverside Walk

    6 days ago

    Highly recommend The Narrows! The trail is often closed due to dangerous currents and water levels. When it’s open, it’s a must-do in Zion. Young kids and inexperienced hikers can splash around in the water at the end of the riverside path, which is where you can first enter the river. Able-bodied and experienced hikers should continue at least as far as “Wall Street” (just beyond the fork in the canyon) approximately 2 hours up canyon. The crowds thin out the further you go, and the views only get better!

    We rented wooden walking sticks from Zion Adventure Co. which were really helpful while navigating the frequent river crossings. You can rent neoprene socks and boots there as well, but we just wore old tennis shoes and wool socks. The water can be cold, but it feels good on a hot day! Expect to find yourself in water most of the hike, from ankle-deep to waist-deep at times. You can do this one in the middle of the day because the steep canyon walls block most of the direct sunlight.