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    Stephanie Cunningham saved Kealia Trail

    12 months ago

    Stephanie Cunningham reviewed Waimea Valley Trail

    12 months ago

    This is essentially a paved road through a botanical gardens that costs $16 terminating at the falls with a stand for life jackets for anyone who wishes to get in for a photo op. Just wish I'd been smart enough to read the reviews ahead of time. Not my cup of tea - I want a trail, a hike, not a manufactured (though very beautiful) stroll.

    Stephanie Cunningham reviewed Kaiwa Ridge (Pillbox) Trail

    12 months ago

    Beautiful views in every direction. Not that challenging when the ground is dry, though I could definitely see how recent rain/mud could complicate that. I really enjoyed this as a quick up-and-back.

    Stephanie Cunningham completed Koko Crater Trail

    12 months ago

    Stephanie Cunningham saved Ka'au Crater

    12 months ago