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    Stef O

    Kansas City, Missouri 

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    Stef O saved Saint Mary Lake Trail

    6 days ago

    Stef O saved Rockwell Falls Trail

    6 days ago

    Stef O reviewed Highline Trail - Logan Pass to Granite Park Chalet

    10 days ago

    Highly recommend this trail for the views and a good challenge. :) My husband and I were here on Sept 1 (Labor Day weekend). Lots of people on the trail, so safety in numbers in grizzly country.

    Started at Logan Pass. The trail went straight into the cliff ledge stretch that I was super nervous for. If you have a fear of heights or falling, this worked for me: I held onto the rope, looked straight in front of me, and did not look down or out to see the view. I kept busy talking to the person in front of me, and before I knew it the “scary” part was over. Not bad!

    We continued on the beautiful trail, stopped at 3.6 miles at Haystack Pass and enjoyed panoramic views. This trail is gorgeous!

    There was a small stretch along the Garden Wall (still on the main Highline trail, not the Garden Wall Trail), where my fear of heights made for a very slow and awkward hike. I felt uneasy being so close to some drop offs on a narrow part of the trail, especially with a few sections that had us hiking downward. Luckily someone lent me a hiking pole that helped provide stability and confidence. That was a big help!

    The Chalet had public bathrooms with toilet paper!

    The hiking pole was again helpful for the 4 mile downhill to The Loop simply for the added stability. No scary drop offs here.

    Overall, awesome experience! Make sure you bring more water than you think you’ll need, plenty of food, sunscreen, and consider hiking poles for added stability. Don’t let a fear of heights stop you! A must do hike in Glacier National Park!

    Stef O saved Hidden Lake Overlook

    11 days ago

    Stef O completed Fossil Creek Waterfall Trail

    18 days ago

    Stef O completed Lake Agnes Trail

    18 days ago

    Stef O completed Trail of the Cedars

    18 days ago

    Stef O completed Hidden Lake Trail

    18 days ago

    Stef O saved Johns Lake Loop

    18 days ago

    Stef O saved Hidden Lake Trail

    about 1 month ago

    Stef O saved Trail of the Cedars

    about 1 month ago