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    Stefanie Johnson

    Roswell, Georgia 

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    Stefanie Johnson updated Bull Sluice Lake

    26 days ago

    Stefanie Johnson reviewed Bull Sluice Lake

    26 days ago

    Park at Morgan Falls Overlook Park. To the far left when facing the restrooms you will see the trail access. You can also access it to the right past the playground at the sandbox area. It's a short loop up the hill and back down, maybe 20 minutes. That's the loop part you see to the left of the map. The straight-down-by-the-reservoir part you see to the right on the map is ANYTHING but easy. It starts out fine (across the parking lot behind the Paddle Shack) but quickly goes up (and down) ridiculously steep inclines. On one of the descents someone even tied a rope you can hold onto going down and of course use to pull yourself back up on the return. It is not maintained at all with large trees fallen over the trail. In one part you have to do an under-under-over maneuver to get through (and take off your backpack if you have one on.) It's very narrow with lots of roots. We couldn't focus on the beauty of the area because of how dangerous and cliff-like the trail is. It didn't help that we had our 4-year-old son with us. I had to hold his hand with him behind me almost the whole way. Needless to say we finally turned around without completing it. If you do this hike during mosquito season, make sure you wear bug spray (as we always do, but this trail was particularly bad.) We saw 3 large turtles hop off a log into the water when we got close; that was the cool thing. Whoever put this trail out here on AllTrails should really separate the 2 parts into 2 different trails.

    Stefanie Johnson completed Bull Sluice Lake

    26 days ago

    Stefanie Johnson reviewed Stasko Trail

    26 days ago

    The directions give you 2135 Westwind Dr, but that's someone's house. The trail actually starts behind their house, but you can't access it there. Instead of turning right down Westwind just take the next right, which is into the parking lot of Blessed Trinity Catholic High School. You will see the green sign for the trail on the right before the gate into the school area. We made sure to avoid after-school hours since the trail is used by their athletes for training/running. We went for a walk with our 4-year-old son on a beautiful Sunday afternoon and in that hour saw only a pair of runners and a dad/son pair of bikers. It's largely shaded with a couple short up/downhills, and it was pretty quiet (not much street noise.) The trail is wide enough for 2 or 3 people (depending on which stretch) side-by-side. We saw a small Eastern Box Turtle, which was a highlight. There were many pinecones, littering the trail, so be careful if you're running.

    Stefanie Johnson completed Stasko Trail

    26 days ago