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    Member Since July 2019

    Stefan Brännström

    Cairns, Queensland, Australia 

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    Stefan Brännström reviewed Lamb's Head and Kahlpahlim Rock Loop

    8 days ago

    Didn’t quite make it to the rock but next time. Had my 13 year old son with me and he was complaining that I was walking too slow. :)
    A bit hard to see the trail when you get to a grassy area not far from the rock but keep your eyes open on ribbons tied on trees.

    Stefan Brännström reviewed Mount Whitfield via Red Arrow, Blue Arrow, and Green Arrow Track

    8 days ago

    Great walk, especially when you get onto the blue arrow after top yellow trailhead and all the way to Whitfield. If you have left your car at the red (or yellow) trailhead, bus 131 will take you back from the green to the red... if you don’t was to walk through suburbia. :)

    Stefan Brännström reviewed Glacier Rock Lookout

    8 days ago

    Great trail with great views over the Barron River flood plain. I usually walk up there a couple of times each season. The metal stairs up from the railway is for me the hardest part.
    Nice rest stop just below the railway under a big mango tree. Nice rocky lookout to climb to the north of the rest stop. Also when getting to the top of the Rock, there’s a rock lookout maybe 100m past the top of the Rock with views of Stones Creek falls and the railway bridge.