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    Starla Denton saved Beaver Falls

    6 months ago

    Starla Denton reviewed Havasu Falls and Mooney Falls Trail

    6 months ago

    We were camped about a half mile from Havasu Falls on the Havasu Creek. I loved being close enough to Havasu Falls to leave camp anytime and sit or swim in the Falls. And I loved camping on the creek and hearing the continuous water flow. On the second day, we hiked down to Mooney Falls. I was nervous and knew that I might not make the 125 ft. descent down to Mooney due to fear of heights. But the more I heard about the hike below Mooney to Beaver Falls and the beauty of Beaver Falls itself, the more I knew that I had to try. Tamara, trail guide with Wildland Trekking, encouraged me to do it and told me she would be with me helping me to place my feet. I trusted her and I really wanted to make that descent. Upon inspecting the ladders and rocks and chains, I realized it looked scarier in person. I had read about this and had watched utube videos, but in person, it appeared much steeper and further down. But Tamara talked me through every step. I tried to only focus on taking the step she told me to take without thinking ahead to the step after. So, step by step, Tamara brought me down the 125 ft of tunnels, rocks, ladders, and chains! By the time I reached the bottom, I could hardly speak, my heart was pounding and my whole body trembling. A little to my embarrassment, I realized I was crying a little. A bundle of emotions ensued where fear, excitement, and pride were intertwined. “I thought I was going to die!!!”, “I did it!!”, “I’m so relieved to be on the ground”. “I WILL NEVER do that again!!”, and “oh my, I will get to see Beaver Falls!” - all this in just a few seconds, then I gathered myself and enjoyed the moment with Tamara and with my new friend, Kay, who lended words of praise and encouragement. We admired the 200 ft Mooney from the ground and it was spectacular! Now time to hike to Beaver Falls!

    Wow, this part of the trip was an unexpected wonderland. This trip is not just about the Water Falls. I loved walking the path and seeing green vegetation, the lush Havasu Creek, the sand and sky. One of my favorite spots was a large Palm Tree that opened to a hidden oasis of the bluest water I have ever seen flowing in a creek or river. It looked so untouched and serene. I could have spent days there just enjoying the view and playing in the water.

    We arrived at Beaver Falls. Wow!! I was not prepared for the beauty of this place. Tiered water falls, beautiful canyon walls, and a great spot for a picnic! We staying a couple of hours to visit, eat, swim, and marvel at God’s creation.

    The hike back was incredible. Our guides promised us a surprise and they delivered. Big Time. We saw a gorgeous waterfall that was a gentle trickle. We enjoyed getting behind it in a cave. The scenery there was pristine. More tiers of waterfalls, tall trees. larger body of the flowing blue green Havasu Creek, the gentle spray of the waterfall. I had a feeling of being in the very most remote part of America. This land felt untouched by any modernization. I felt we had traveled back in time. I did not want to leave. AAANDD.. I really did not want to leave when I learned we must scale the rock waterfall to depart. Fear again. It was maybe 2 of me vertically. Maybe 12 ft high or so. Nothing like the 125 ft of Mooney but still, I was scared. Our male guide, Dean, said I would be fine. I asked him to go up right behind me and talk me through it. He did and it wasn’t so bad!

    For me, the climb back up Mooney Falls was scarier than coming down. I’m not gonna lie.. going up was terrible for me. Tamara was right behind me which helped. She told me where to put each foot. At some point I panicked and just wanted off that ladder!! I started climbing fast and 1 of my feet slipped. I couldn’t find another spot for it. It was scary not having a point of contact for that foot for a couple seconds. The chance of falling was a reality to me. Everything was a little damp and my body felt tired by this point in the day. Fortunately, I found another rock for my right foot and quickly got myself in a better position. Tamara, told me that I was panicking and making bad decisions. At that point I began focusing. I told myself to focus on the rock I was on until Tamara told me to step to a new rock. So this is what I did until I made it into the tunnel. I felt safer in the tunnel. I think I abandoned all focus and abandoned Tamara at that point and just “got the heck out of dodge”. I was so relieved to be out of the tunnel and up from Mooney. My heart raced, my mind screamed something to the effect, “there is no way in hell I would EVER do that again”!!

    It was a mile back to the campsight. I felt subdued as I tried to process all the day had held. So much I had longed to see for decades and beauty beyond just the Falls. And fear beyond any that I had ever volunteered for before. I wouldn’t have made it without Tamara, Dean, or Kay.

    I’m still processing this trip a month later. Everyday I tell myself to focus on the

    Starla Denton reviewed Havasu Canyon Trail to Supai

    6 months ago

    Amazing 8 mile hike from hilltop to the village of Supai. Steep switchbacks for the first mile down then the trail leveled out. The beauty of the canyon and watching out for various trees and plant life kept me occupied. Once I began hearing the soft roar of Havasu Creek, excitement set it! Arriving at the village was amazing and felt like a step back in time. Such simplicity. Leaving the village to hike 2 more miles to Havasu Falls gave me a surge of energy. But, a mile into that remaining 2 miles, my feet began to hurt. My hurting feet distracted me from the Falls (50 ft and Little Navajo) we saw prior to Havasu. But at about the 2mile mark, when I stepped forward and looked to the right, there was Havasu Falls in all Her Glory! Wow. It was surreal. Did not look real to me at that moment. We walked on down to the Falls. The water temp was very cool and crisp. I sat on a rock in the creek looking at the falls and allowing my hurting feet , and eventually the rest of my body, to succumb to the numbness provided by the cold water. Much needed cryotherapy! All the pain stopped and I just took it all in. Luckily, our campsite was close to the Falls, so I visited there daily. A few times, I was the only person there. What a privilege ❤️. This was the reason I had wanted to come to this Reservation for over 20 years. Little did I know, what was in store for me below Havasu Falls. I am sure that I must return someday.

    Starla Denton added Supai Village

    7 months ago

    Starla Denton saved Hobbs Wall Trail

    over 2 years ago

    Starla Denton added Craighead Forest Trails

    about 3 years ago