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    STAN FOSTER Pro-red@3x

    Estes Park, Colorado 

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    STAN FOSTER reviewed Ben Nevis Mountain Path

    8 days ago

    I agree completely with the review by Emily Wilson. I summited on July 30, 2019. I had beautiful weather and the views are terrific. However, the steps and rocks were very tedious but manageable on the way up but the descent was brutal! The rocky trail coming down was steep and tiring but the stairs were gruesome! Luckily, I had my trekking poles with me or I might have been in real trouble. I wasn’t sure I was going to make it back to the car since my legs and knees had turned to jello. I hobbled around for the next three days in serious pain. I saw four people fall and it appeared that two might need to be helped off the mountain. Very glad I did it but I won’t do it again.

    STAN FOSTER saved Deer Mountain Trail

    7 months ago

    STAN FOSTER saved Lily Lake

    7 months ago