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    Stacy Robson reviewed Camelback Mountain Via Cholla Trail

    10 months ago

    Great trail. about a three hour trail, ...." a three hour trail..."

    Stacy Robson reviewed Finger Rock Canyon Trail

    11 months ago

    Great Hike. Very strenuous. Have hiked plenty but this one kicked my butt and the trail is not for the faint of heart as there are plenty of areas that follow the edge of the mountain. Lots of scrambling over jagged rocks. I wouldn't even think of wearing runners. My feet couldn't take it. Stopped a lot for breaks and didn't quite make it to the summit (total 5-6 hours). Did take an alternate path at about 3.1M that led to a great view of the city and called that good. Did not see anyone past the two mile markers. Next time i'll start earlier than 8 and come down Pima Canyon trail. Also, though there was full sun toward the top, the elevation gain minimized the temperature. Got hot again as you descended the trail. Just about stepped on a small snake. Other than that, no four-legged wildlife. Saw several folks hiking with no water or pack. Who does that and why? Tried the record option on all-trails. It completely drained my battery. Glad I brought a portable charger.

    Stacy Robson added Track - Jul 06, 02:15 AM

    about 1 year ago

    Stacy Robson completed Muir Woods to Mount Tamalpais

    over 1 year ago

    Stacy Robson added MT tam

    over 1 year ago