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    Stacey Hanson reviewed Ward Creek to Twin Peaks Trail

    4 months ago

    Good trail - we hiked this 8/24/18 so it was dry and dusty. Would love to see it in early July. Even so the big timber on the climb up and the vista view was beautiful. This is a mountain bike friendly trail. And the first 1.5 miles of the trail is a 4x4 road. Also the map says 11+ miles round trip but the USFS sign said 6.7 miles to the top.

    Stacey Hanson completed Middle Velma Lake Trail

    5 months ago

    Stacey Hanson reviewed The Zion Narrows Riverside Walk

    6 months ago

    Great hike up the canyon. My son and I hiked up to Orderville Gulch and this branch about a half mile until it became too difficult and you have to swim through a pool and climb up a waterfall. We did meet three people who had come from the top down which sounded cool but they were extremely cold and it took five hours to get to where we were.
    Thousands of people in the canyon but not too many go up very far. We tried to catch a bus at the visitor center at 8:45 and it took 45 minutes to get on the bus. But still the experience is worth it.

    Stacey Hanson completed Angels Landing Trail

    6 months ago

    Stacey Hanson added Angel’s Landing

    6 months ago

    Stacey Hanson completed Gold Camp Road

    7 months ago

    Stacey Hanson reviewed Lindsey Lake Trail

    7 months ago

    Backpacked into Rock lakes from Lindsay lake. The trail is a fairly good 4x4 road to Lower Rock lake. Easy hiking with slow uphill grade. Lots of water and lakes. Beautiful scenery once on top. We went in Mid May and there was still a little snow around. Strong winds and one night we got lots of thunderstorms and hail. Lots of camping options in this area.

    Stacey Hanson completed Lindsey Lake Trail

    7 months ago

    Stacey Hanson reviewed Feely Lake and Round Lake

    7 months ago

    Love this trail into Round Lake from Carr lake. The drive is tough up to Carr for the last couple miles. But the hike in is easy and beautiful. Round Lake is kind of secluded and hidden from the wind. A great place to base camp and explore from.

    Stacey Hanson reviewed Fairy Falls Trail to Beale/Shingle Falls

    9 months ago

    Fun easy relaxing hike. It is very popular and we always see tons of other hikers. There are some fun little variation though so you don’t have to hike the same way out and back.