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    Member Since August 2019

    Sophia Pearson

    Tamborine, Queensland, Australia 

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    Sophia Pearson saved Mount Clunie

    8 days ago

    Sophia Pearson reviewed Mount Maroon

    8 days ago

    Stunning views everywhere, well used trail and took about 4 hours there and back including rests.

    Sophia Pearson completed Mount Maroon

    8 days ago

    Sophia Pearson followed Joe Pearson

    9 days ago

    Sophia Pearson reviewed Mount Superbus Trail

    9 days ago

    Gorgeous walk, quite steep at certain points so bring plenty of water and arrive early so there’s time to spare if you get lost. Follow the old rabbit proof fence posts and mesh if lost. There are no views besides a few at the saddle of Superbus. The top is a bit of a scramble but there’s a humanly arranged pile of rocks which marks the top.

    Sophia Pearson reviewed Mount Barney South East Ridge and Peasants Ridge

    9 days ago

    Breathtakingly beautiful track and views, but not for the faint of heart. Be at the start of the track by 6:30 so there’s still light in case you get off track. Bring heaps of water, a fully charged phone, warm jumper and inform others of your trip.

    Sophia Pearson saved Mount Ernest

    10 days ago