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    Member Since September 2018

    Smita Katariya Pro-red@3x

    Dublin, California 

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    Smita Katariya completed Pandavleni Caves

    about 1 month ago

    Smita Katariya reviewed Mitchell Creek to Diablo Summit

    3 months ago

    Beautiful hike and definitely recommend it. we dis it counter clockwise going from Eagle creek and coming down from Deer Flat and that was the best thing we did. thank you for all the previous recommendations to do this way. it was great for our knees as coming down is much easier. mostly the steep part in only first 3 miles or so on way back and rest is an easy walk.
    Going up is very steep and you definitely feel it but I would rather get the harder part in at the beginning instead of after 7 miles :).
    lot of shade on the trail especially going up. we could still see some nice wild flowers. Beautiful views all along. highly recommend it. I and my friend did this as part of the Norcal 6 peak challenge.