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    Member Since December 2018

    Sindhudweep Sarkar

    Andover, Massachusetts 

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    Sindhudweep Sarkar reviewed Mount Lafayette and Franconia Ridge Trail Loop

    about 1 month ago

    A wonderful first hike of the year.. We went up the Falling Waters trail to Little Haystack and then across the ridge to Mt. Lafayette and then back down the Greenleaf hut trail and the old bridle path trail. It had rained just prior to our arrival, and crossing the water required finding make shift trekking poles out of fallen branches. We made better progress with microspikes for the slightly snowy sections. Coming down from Mt Lafayette was slightly precarious as many of the footings had a thin coating of ice. It was foggy on the ridge, but we had breathtaking panoramic views of the ridge when we were going down the old bridle path trail.