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    Sierra Fournier-Bonin reviewed T. Bagg Trail to NET/M&M Trail to Keystone Trail Loop

    6 days ago

    This was a good journey! Parts of this trail had very few people. Great views, and lots of space at the peak so everyone can stake out a vantage point which is nice. I felt like I got a good workout in without it being strenuous. Lots of trails in the area too, so I'll be back soon to explore. Did this loop in 2.5 hours (with a few stops at the peak)

    Sierra Fournier-Bonin reviewed George B. Parker Woodland Trail

    2 months ago

    I'd give this 2.5 stars. I know i'm going against the grain with my opinion, but unless you have young children or you're looking for a long easy-moderate hike I would look for another trail. The first loop was ok nice with foundations, streams, and foot bridges to admire. The second loop I spent 50% of my time trying to find the trail markers which were buried by down trees or completely overgrown sections of the trail and the other 50% slipping and sliding over rocks while swatting away swarms of bugs. There was nothing interesting to see in the second part of the loop, and I really just wanted to be done with the trail as it just seemed to drag on and on.
    Also, just to note, there are signs saying No Dogs or Bikers, in case you wanted to bring either.

    Sierra Fournier-Bonin reviewed Lilinonah Trail

    2 months ago

    I personally didn't care for this hike all too much. I brought my dog and wanted to get some exercise in for the day. It's good for that purpose, I came in just under 6 miles and it was mostly small up and downs with varied terrain and it was well marked. Overall I found this hike to be a tad boring with few lookout areas over a river/lake with extreme alage overgrowth. No vistas or rock ledges, or nice lake views. I traveled an hour for this one, I wish I traveled a little further north where I know the scenery gets better.

    Sierra Fournier-Bonin completed Lilinonah Trail

    2 months ago