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    Member Since August 2019

    Shelly Bese-Doolittle

    La Canada Flintridge, California 

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    Shelly Bese-Doolittle reviewed Devils Bridge Trail

    17 days ago

    Worth the haul! Basic trail leading in from Dry Creek for quite a distance, difficulty increases! Go early in the summer, well, go early any time as it is less crowded. People, my advice, do not wear converse type shoes on this trail! We wore our hiking boots and were surprised at how many people we passed in trendy day shoes! You have to hike up a serious way to get to your reward! Which, being very afraid of heights, I was still able to reap the benefits! Fun to chat with people at the top and hear their stories!

    Shelly Bese-Doolittle reviewed Submarine Rock and Devil's Living Room Trail

    17 days ago

    I would highly recommend this trail. The hiking is separate from the Jeep trails, and has great aesthetics. Went in the evening and thoroughly enjoyed the trail. Not experienced hikers, flat landers, it was easy to survive. Climbing up Submarine Rock made me a bit nervous, but that was because we were impatient and scaled it rather than walk around for the best way up! Will do it again and explore more aspects of the trail!