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    Shaylah O'Brien Pro-red@3x

    Seattle, Washington 

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    Shaylah O'Brien reviewed Marmot Lake and Jade Lake

    3 days ago

    This can be done as a day hike but if you aren't an experienced hiker, I'd recommend planning to be in the dark for the last hr or two (bring flashlights). My friends and I are in good shape, but in no way experienced hikers. Took us 13hrs total (including rests and frolicking around the Lakes) - with 10hrs of that being moving time.

    There's a dirt road leading up to the trailhead. It took about an hr for us to slowly drive down it - due to our car being low and all the potholes. We got to the trailhead at 8am got to the first lake at 1pm and back to the car at 9pm. If we hadn't hiked to Jade we would have been back to the car around 7pm.

    Mile play by play:

    Mile 1-3 is a walk in the woods with slight ups and downs in the trail.

    Mile 3.3-5.5 is up up up. I had a hard time in this area of the hike because I overpacked in water. At 5.5 you'll pass a small pond and that when you've reached the meadow.

    Mile 5.6-6.8 is a walk through beautiful meadows. We saw a harmless little snake and what flowers are leftover from earlier in the summer.

    Mile 6.9-7.8 is as hard as 3.3-5.5 was

    Mile 7.9-8.3 Still uphill but not as grueling as the previous mile was. I believe the waterfall we saw was around 7.8-7.9

    Mile 8.4-8.5 and is up and down - mostly down the trail leading to the first lake. We found a section of beach around this area and sat to enjoy our lunch.

    Mile 8.5-8.9is just getting around the lake to the area where you start climbing to jade.

    Mile 9-9.4 is living breathing hell. Be careful climb the rocks - as many aren't as secure as they seem. I hugged the treeline. Look for a red flags on trees with the trail opens up to the rocky area, then follow the stacks of stones -these are markers and will lead you to the lake
    Mile 9.5- 9.9 nice little walk to the jaw-dropping jade lake

    Shaylah O'Brien followed Kimberly White

    13 days ago

    Shaylah O'Brien completed Stan's Overlook

    13 days ago

    Shaylah O'Brien reviewed Multnomah Falls Trail

    13 days ago

    Very pretty and kid friendly. Nice stop along our drive - the area had clean bathrooms, places to get snacks and a fun little gift shop.

    I'd recommend going early in the day. We went in the late morning and as we were leaving people were just flooding in - especially onto the bridge.

    Shaylah O'Brien reviewed Wahkeena Falls Trail [CLOSED]

    13 days ago

    current title says it's closed but I did this trail on August 18th, 2019, and it's reopened. Was a great hike to get out and stretch our legs at the end of our road trip. Trek to the waterfall is kid friendly.

    Shaylah O'Brien reviewed Mount Si Trail

    13 days ago

    Did this hike on August 8th
    This was the first hike ranked difficult that my friends and I have done. Hard at times but wouldn't call it difficult - more moderate. It's a constant incline up but well maintained. I think we actually had cell phone reception all the way up. I would recommend going on a clear day to get the ultimate view.

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    Shaylah O'Brien followed Carolann O'Brien

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    Shaylah O'Brien reviewed Snoqualmie Falls Trail

    18 days ago

    Not much of a trail, more of a tourist attraction. There's an up above and lower parking lot so if you want you can opt-out of doing the trail altogether. Still beautiful nevertheless. I recommend going to the beach area and sitting on the sand or rocks to eat lunch.

    Regarding reaching the falls:
    They've put up a ton of fences along the wooden walkway - keeping people from climbing over to reach the falls. The problem is the fences actually make it more dangerous because people wanting to climb over take more dangerous routes. I think they should reopen the rocky beach area near the falls and just have a fence along the waterline.