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    Shaun Heavilin reviewed Chimney Rocks Trail

    over 1 year ago

    We hiked this trail in late June at around noon. The wild blackberries that grow in thickets to the right hand side of the trail as you begin were just becoming ripe and we enjoyed a few before starting the journey. Just a hundred feet or so up the path we came upon some construction workers that were clearing an area which had become overgrown. We would quickly learn why... As soon as we passed the construction workers the clay path becomes a field of tall grass. The only way we were able to see which way the trail goes was by following the tall grass which had been matted down by 2 horse riders that had just passed through. The bugs were very thick and through this section in particular, and there were occasional thorns that would rip at our legs if we didn't see them first. After about 5 minutes of this we came to a tree that has fallen across the path. The clay path became visible again and we followed it up for a bit. The field now gives way to some fairly steep elevation change and a few switchbacks as we gained altitude. We again find more blackberry bushes and even some blueberry bushes. The blueberries were small, but very sweet and delicious. Another 20 minutes of hiking and we came to some of the scenic views. We were less than an hour out from where we started and could already see how far up we had climbed. The French Broad River was low from lack of rain the past few days, and we could see how many rocks and rapids there were in it. We enjoyed the views for a bit, took some water and beef jerky, and headed back down the trail because the day had become much hotter than the previous few days had been. I wouldn't mind coming back to complete the trail sometime, but we have definitely done some much better trails in the great smokey mountains.

    Pros: Wild blueberries and blackberries ripe in mid june-early july
    - Great views of the river below after just under an hour of hiking
    - historic section of railroad passes through the area
    - trail is off the beaten path so it is not very busy

    Cons: Trail is overgrown in sections
    - Trail does not appear to be maintained very well and has multiple fallen trees across the path

    Shaun Heavilin completed Chimney Rocks Trail

    over 1 year ago

    Shaun Heavilin saved Sill Branch Falls

    over 1 year ago