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    Shannon • @sn_dub Pro-red@3x


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    Shannon • @sn_dub completed Bell Rock

    6 days ago

    Shannon • @sn_dub reviewed Inner Basin Trail

    11 days ago

    Fantastic trail, so good that I’ve been there three times in the past four weeks! The leaves are changing and should peak as early as this weekend so be aware that rangers will be at the top and bottom of the road directing traffic. They may not allow people in, depending on how full the lot is and if that’s the case, you can either wait or head over to Snowbowl road and drive up to Aspen Corner to see the leaves. Otherwise, inner basin trail is fantastic. The aspens start at about a mile in. I have never *not* seen dogs off-leash here so be aware that this is a very dog-friendly trail. It really gets hectic during peak week so if you aren’t worried about the leaves, your best bet is to do this trail in the summer because there are far less people and it’s such a beautiful hike. We love to camp on the forest roads below and head up after breakfast!

    Shannon • @sn_dub completed Sedona Caves

    19 days ago

    Shannon • @sn_dub followed Jordan Walker

    6 months ago

    Shannon • @sn_dub reviewed Reflection Canyon

    6 months ago

    Beautiful end result but not for the faint-of-heart. A great beginner to mid-level backpacking trip but was honestly shocked at how crowded it was on a Saturday in April. The trail was easy until the last two miles, then GPS was key. We expected the wind but many were not prepared and we picked up several blown items of trash. Secure your stuff! Even saw a tent blow into the lake.

    Shannon • @sn_dub completed Reflection Canyon

    6 months ago