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    Shannon Walker reviewed Athens - Big Fork Trail

    3 months ago

    I started this trek at the north end of the trail and went south. This is quite a difficult trail and you really should be in shape to attempt this section. I did not use poles, but I can see how they would be helpful.

    Due to a late start and short winter days, I only went in three miles and then turned back. That distance was still enough to see the views from the top of three ridge lines and to cross three streams in which I had to change shoes. There were several more small crossings that I was able to keep my boots on.

    I saw several groups of through hikers. I imagine this was due to it being the weekend between Christmas and New Year.

    Shannon Walker reviewed Little Missouri Trail

    3 months ago

    Easy hike for experienced hikers. We started at the falls and went south. Due to a storm that went through the day before, the falls were roaring with run-off. This made the first river crossing about 1.6 miles down impassable. We ran into a solo though hiker that back tracked about 0.25 miles and found a spot to cross. The water went up to his knees. Our group had younger children so we decided not to cross.

    Shannon Walker completed Little Missouri Trail

    3 months ago

    Shannon Walker saved Eagle Rock Loop

    8 months ago

    Shannon Walker reviewed Winding Stairs Trail

    8 months ago

    Overall this is a great trail for a day hike. We did come across one large group and two smaller groups that were camping. It is a little challenging in places, but the views and water make it worth while. Heading out we did lose the trail after we crossed the stream. It took some wandering and All Trails to get us back on course. The odd thing is that we were able to follow the trail all the way back to the stream with no difficulties.

    This trail is extremely well shaded which was very nice for a summer hike. There are plenty of camp sites along the way. If you want to swim, wait until after you cross the Little Missouri River and go several hundred yards further. There are some really nice swimming holes.

    Since it was summer and the temperature was in the mid 90sF, we carried a lot of water. We did not need to do that. You will be fine with just one bottle and a good filter.

    In addition to the white rectangular blazes, there are a few places that have pink plastic markers hanging from the trees. These were helpful at the river crossing.

    Shannon Walker completed Winding Stairs Trail

    8 months ago