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    Member Since July 2016

    Shane Holman

    Giddings, Texas 

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    Shane Holman reviewed Horseshoe Mountain Trail

    2 months ago

    Trail is not very scenic. It’ doesn’t get much traffic so it’s partially overgrown in spots. You have to negotiate some large boulders in a couple of spots. There are a couple of areas with some rock climbing opportunities. There isn’t much shad for much of the trail.

    Shane Holman completed Horseshoe Mountain Trail

    2 months ago

    Shane Holman reviewed Falls Branch Trail

    2 months ago

    Nice trail. Lollipop loop. Take tbs loop to the left for the shortest trip to the waterfall. You get a nice view of the stream above the waterfall as you continue along the trail. Most of the trail is shaded .

    Shane Holman completed Falls Branch Trail

    2 months ago

    Shane Holman reviewed Caddo Bend Trail

    2 months ago

    Nice Hike with scenic views of the lake. I would rate this hike as moderate to strenuous. The portion between 1.25-2.5 (at the end of peninsula) is more difficult because of the trail going through an area with lots of lose rocks and roots in areas with changes in slope. Less experienced or less fit hikers .can turn it into an out and back to the scenic overlook or can take one of several marked trails to the service road to shortened this trail or make it less strenuous. There are several areas on the trail where you can go down to take a swim in the lake especially on the first mile.

    Shane Holman completed Caddo Bend Trail

    2 months ago

    Shane Holman reviewed Goat Rock Trail

    2 months ago

    My favorite trail in the National Park. From the parking lot, head back toward the mountain tower and you will immediately see the trailhead. The trail will “Y” shortly after you start. Go to the right and you’re on the trail. There are many nice scenic views along the way. The trail takes several switchbacks as you make your way to the “Goat Rock” overlook. The terrains is pretty rocky in spots along the way. There are some rock formations you can easily climb as well. Once you reach the overlook the trail goes .2 mile and ends in the Gulpha Gorge Trail. If you want to extend your hike you can continue or backtrack and take the Lower Dogwood Trail that you saw at the “Y” in the beginning.