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    Member Since May 2019

    Dietrich S Pro-red@3x

    Redding, California 

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    Dietrich S updated Canel creek trail

    19 days ago

    Dietrich S added Guardian Rock Trail

    27 days ago

    Dietrich S updated Guardian Rock Trail

    27 days ago

    Dietrich S saved Mule Ridge Trail

    28 days ago

    Dietrich S reviewed Mount Shasta Mine Loop Trail

    28 days ago

    Been on this trail a few times and just went out recently after the fire and it’s still a pretty trail but a lot of the trail is washed out making this a short but rough trail.

    Dietrich S reviewed Brandy Creek Trail

    28 days ago

    Pretty trail but closed due to the fires in the area may not be open for months maybe not until next season.