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    Giselle O'Reilly reviewed Woodland Trail

    about 1 month ago

    If you are wanting a quick hike that is not challenging, this is it. For me, it was a workout! That was mainly because my son (aged 8 and has special needs) decided 1/2 way that he was not going to walk. I had to carry all 70lbs of him out. That said, even then, the hike was doable.

    Giselle O'Reilly completed Woodland Trail

    2 months ago

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    11 months ago

    Giselle O'Reilly saved Weaselhead Flats

    11 months ago

    Giselle O'Reilly saved Fescue Trail

    11 months ago

    Giselle O'Reilly saved Elbow Falls Loop

    11 months ago

    Giselle O'Reilly saved Diamond T Loop

    11 months ago

    Giselle O'Reilly completed Heaps Peak Arboretum

    over 1 year ago

    Giselle O'Reilly added Great Times!

    over 2 years ago

    Giselle O'Reilly added california hikes

    over 2 years ago

    Giselle O'Reilly saved Heaps Peak Arboretum

    over 2 years ago

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    about 3 years ago

    Giselle O'Reilly reviewed UCR Botanic Gardens - Garden Trails

    over 3 years ago

    My son, aged 5, and I had a great time exploring the gardens today. There are lots and lots of various trails and we spend over an hour walking through them. You need to pay for parking, but it only costs a quarter for an hour. As well, there is a donation box with a sign posted that suggests $5 a person. Parking is limited to about fifteen stalls, but I had no problem getting a spot.

    Giselle O'Reilly reviewed Tod Inlet Trail

    almost 4 years ago

    This was an easy, relaxing hike which astounded me with its beauty. Once I made my way down the well-maintained path, I relaxed on a bench and watched the activities in the inlet. From birds chirping, to yachts and sail boats floating at their moorings, I had lots lot look at. I met up with 10-15 other people, some with dogs, and all were friendly. I would do this hike again and again if I was a local, but I live in California. Still, I plan to return again!

    Giselle O'Reilly reviewed West Coast Trail

    almost 4 years ago

    My group started at the south/difficult end and I had the time of my life! We trudged through the first 13km on the inland route to Campers. We decided against camping at Thrasher's because every hiker we encountered warned against the beach route around Owen Point; the whales were out and it was beautiful but the rain and the rock climbing made that part of the trail awful. Hikers with hypothermia, chipped teeth from slipping, and a gashed face was a risk we did not want. That said, those 13km were the hardest of my life. The mud was shin deep and the tree truck trails were slippery!

    The ladders were a challenging but safe, with the exception of one rung missing on the north end of the hike. We saw cougar, mink, and eagle tracks. The beauty of the hike was..... words cannot do this hike justice.

    Make sure you bring money for Chez Monique's! Burgers are $20 and are made of ground sirloin. Yummy! Beer, wine, pop/soda, and snack foods are there for purchase. She also has a complimentary hiker box where you can offload items you do not need or pick up items you want.

    I was evacuated on the 4th day of our 6 day hike. I broke my pinky toe in camp and then hiked another 20km over the next couple days. By compensating for my right foot, blisters formed on my left which went blood deep and throw in beach sand into the mix; it was ugly. That said, there were three other evacuations that day: broken ankle, blown knee, and gashed face. Please be careful.

    I plan to return to the north end and finish the norther potion of the hike.